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WPP Bags

WPP Bags Are Suitable For A Wide Range Of Applications

WPP bags, also known as woven polypropylene bags, come in various colours and sizes. The WPP bags are mostly used for vegetable packaging because the bags are made of soft material which is suitable for the delicate products for which the WPP bags are used.

WPP bags are strong and display a high level of tearing resistance preventing the spillage of produce. One of the main benefits of the WPP bags is the fact that they can expand and contract according to the products packed. Whether you have to pack a large number or products or only a few items, the bags are perfect.

The fact that the WPP bags come in various colours is also beneficial since colour can improve the appearance of produce. Orange is for example, well suited as colour for the packaging of citrus fruit while green is perfect as colour for the packaging of avocados and gem squash. Purple WPP bags are just right for the packaging of beetroot.

WPP bags come in high density and loosely woven varieties. High density bags are used for the packaging of larger products and where numerous items will be placed in one bag such as oranges. The bags are woven for strength, visibility of the products and for improved airflow to prevent produce rotting. It is, however, not only in the agricultural industry where the WPP bags are used, but also in building, mining and chemical industries. Pet food is often packed in the high density bags. The bags are extremely strong, durable, often re-usable, and are lightweight.

The International Group of Companies is a leading supplier of high quality WPP bags to all of the above industries. We have more than six decades of experience in the manufacturing and supply of packaging material. As such we should be your number one choice as supplier of WPP bags.

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