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Affordable Refuse Bags

Mass Produced Affordable Refuse Bags To Address Wastage Removal Needs

Although it is essential to have various refuse removal bags, getting affordable refuse bags of high quality is not always easy. The International Group of Companies is one of the leading manufacturers of a large range of plastic and packaging products in South Africa. As part of our product stable, the company also manufactures a range of quality bags for packaging, and refuge removal for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.

Because we know that such bags are used daily in consumer homes and industry and should thus be readily available to wholesalers and retailers at competitive prices, we ensure that the production process is streamlined to minimize wastage. By doing so we can guarantee that affordable refusebags of high quality are made available to the market.

Quality Packaging Materials

In addition to affordable refuse bags, we also produce a range of vegetable pockets which are used by green grocers and farmers alike. With such then we have become an important source of quality packaging materials not only to commerce and industry, but also the agricultural sector of South Africa.

Solid Track Record

The company has been around for more than six decades and are Black owned ensuring the economic development of previously disadvantaged groups in the country.

Various Sizes

The affordable refuse bags available from us are often referred to as bin liners, pouches, poly bags or the normal black bags in addition to plastic bags. The bags are produced in various sizes and thickness. From the rather thin bin liners to the heavy duty bags suitable for restaurants and even garden wastage removal are produced in mass and supplied at the lowest possible prices.

Production Methods

Many of the bags available are heat sealed together with rip strips. This process ensures affordability of the bags and easy packaging for the market. The consumer at the end of the day, purchases a roll of refuse bags. With this method, space is saved since the rolls are rather compact and take up less shelving and transporting space. Some of the refuse bags are stitched whilst others are bonded and then there are the ones with perforation strips. Not only do we thus produce affordable refuse bags for a wide range of uses, but also ensure versatility when it comes to the packaging of the bags.

Environmentally Responsible Products

Environmentally friendly plastics are a priority in South Africa. As such the refuse bags are made specifically to minimize the footprint on the environment. Most of the bags produced today are biodegradable ensuring that the bags break up and become part of the environmental process after a while. The strength of the bags, however, is not affected.

The bags can easily be incinerated to convert waste into usable energy. With rather stable qualities the bags can become part of landfills and when disposed correctly can help minimize wastage by ensuring that all the household waste is packed together.

Other Products

As mentioned earlier, we produce other packaging materials apart from affordable plastic bags as well including that of carrier bags used at the various food stores around the country. Freezer bags with zip systems as well as vegetable punch-hole bags, in addition to bread bags and woven and knitted bags are produced in large quantities. A variety of plastic films are used in the process, depending on the end-product and the purpose of the bag.

With a product range that includes from tapes and adhesives to pallets, vegetable pockets, and affordable refuse bags in addition to plastics such as containers and chairs, the International Group of Companies has become the leading supplier of packaging products in South Africa.