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South Africa Polypropylene Bags

South Africa Polypropylene Bags Are Made To Last

IGC is a trusted supplier of packaging products in South AfricaPolypropylene bags are one of the packaging products which can be purchased in bulk from IGC.

Polypropylene Bags

The usage of polypropylene bags in South Africa is not limited to retailers only. Various vegetable bags, whether knitted or woven are available for usage in the agricultural industry. The bags come in a variety of colours which are normally selected according to the specific crops.

Why Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is made from polymer which is a base element for the making of a wide variety of products including:

  • Packaging material
  • Ropes
  • Stationary
  • Various car components

The base element is exceptionally strong and is called propylene. The component shows excellent resistance to acids and chemicals. Polypropylene is a rather cost effective product that also has excellent resistance to shape changes because of humidity and fatigue. The products can be made to be clear such as butcher and hardware bags.

Polypropylene as Relevant to South Africa for Making of Bags

It is often used for the making of fomo food containers, plastic bottles, and then of course, also the bags sold in South Africa. It is even possible to use polypropylene to make plastic plates which will not change shape because of hot water application.

South Africa - Polypropylene Bags Available

Polyethylene is used for the making of knitted vegetable bags in South Africa with sizes ranging from 3-25kg. The bags are exceptionally strong because the pockets are used for the packaging of vegetables and fruits such as oranges. The colours used range according to the specific crops and colours such as red, purple, mandarin and white are for example, available.

The circular woven bags are made from virgin polypropylene which has undergone specific anti-UV treatment to ensure a lifespan of around three months for each of the bags. polypropylene bagsSizes range from 30 by 45 cm to 72 by 120 cm. Colours are also selected based on the specific crop and the bags are sturdy specifically to carry vegetables. Printing can be done on the bags. Many South African commercial farmers use these bags.

Woven vegetable pockets are furthermore available as part of the IGC range of South African polypropylene bags. The pockets are made through a weaving process using specifically virgin polypropylene. There are two sizes on sale. Colours range from white and purple to green and brown.

Why Buy From IGC in South Africa?

IGC is one of the largest suppliers of polypropylene bags to commercial sectors as well as to the agricultural sector. The company has an impressive track record and has been around for many years. It consists of three divisions – that of Landpak, Brits Bag Manufacturers and International Bag Buyers. The latter is the marketing arm of the group with more than 60 years experience. Products from the IGC are of high quality and because internal quality control measures are in place, the clients can be assured that the bags can carry the normal loads.

IGC is a South Africa based company and supplier of polypropylene packaging pockets and bags. This means that the products are manufactured locally according to high standards. It is also more cost effective to purchase locally. With an extensive range of products available for various packaging needs, IGC is able to supply in a large range of packaging requirements. Customisation is possible ensuring client satisfaction.

Competitive pricing is another characteristic of IGC because of the manufacturing processes used. Since you will not have to pay import duties as the products are manufactured locally, you thus save on costs. IGC is one of the top South Africa based suppliers of polypropylene bags because the company cares about quality.