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Quality Refuse Bags

Super Strong Quality Refuse Bags and Related Products Available Locally At Bulk Prices

High quality refuse bags which are biodegradable and made according to the standards set in South Africa, need not be expensive. This is especially true when it comes to bulk purchases. Supermarkets, hardware stores, and wholesale companies benefit from our range of plastic and polypropylene packaging materials.

Quality refuse bags are also used in the office environment. With the number of bags to be used annually, it makes sense to purchase such in bulk ahead of time rather than buying small numbers. Bulk pricing is better and we specialize in bulk production of packaging materials.

From kitchen size to large dustbin refuse bags are available. With quality control measures in place, we are able to ensure strong and durable bags that will not rip with the first filling. Notably refuse bags are used for a variety of applications such as waterproofing, preventing water spills from indoor plants, canvasses in school projects and as packaging material for clothing in soup kitchen projects. The most important application though is that of holding trash.

For the purpose of trash holding the bags must be strong and durable. Nothing can be worse than trash spills. Since the bags are often lifted high to get them in the garbage trucks, strength of the bags becomes all the more important.

As necessary items for keeping the environment clean and ensuring hygiene, refuse bags are always in demand. Rather than making smaller orders and then having to order again because of demand, clients order in bulk ensuring cost savings and thus higher profits at the end of the day.

Apart from our supply of quality refuse bags we also manufacture a wide range of related products including boilers in 22 litre sizes, buckets in the range of 5-25 litres, drums in 50 to 220 litres, basins in 35cm to 46cm and tubs in 65 litre sizes. We produce a range of standard municipal size black dustbins with wheels or without such.

In addition you will find our woven vegetable bags to be of superior quality. The bags come in circular woven and woven types made from virgin polypropylene whilst the knitted vegetable pockets are made from HDPE. Various sizes and colours are available and custom printing can be done.

Transparent plastic pockets for the packaging of meats, fruits, vegetables, hardware and other products are furthermore available in various sizes and strengths.

Why Buy From the International Group of Companies?

We are a group of companies that are well established, BEE compliant and also local. As such, clients purchasing from us don’t have to pay import duties since products are manufactured locally. By supporting local companies you help with job creation and ensuring economic growth for the country.

Our prices are competitive and we comply with the Consumer Protection Act regulations. This means that you can count on our warranties. Because we have a large staff, and even more impressive facilities, we are able to handle extremely large orders without time delay.

With more than 60 years in the industry, we have developed a reputation for excellence and have also expanded our product range to meet the demands of clients in the agricultural, security, refuse removal, retail and other industries.

Product Warranties

Each of the products in our range come with the warranty of quality workmanship and as such clients can be assured that when they buy from us that they will get quality refuse bags and related products. We value our reputation for excellence and competitive pricing just as much as we value our clients. As such expect personalized service.