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Where to Buy the Most Affordable Polypropylene Bags

The days when housewives wandered the high streets collecting their produce in a wicker basket are largely long gone and today, South Africans, like the citizens of most countries, now find themselves living in an age of disposables. Though one can still purchase potatoes by weight at some outlets and usually a single cabbage of pumpkin off the shelf at most, we now buy much of today’s fresh produce pre-weighed and pre-packaged in conveniently-sized and affordable polypropylene pockets or bags.

While pre-washed potatoes and apples are more likely to be offered at your local supermarket in transparent packets, other vegetable such as onions, butternut, gem squash and unwashed potatoes along with fruits such as naartjies and oranges are more often presented in pockets made from plastic-based mesh or netting. Either way, the result is a more hygienic and simpler vehicle for marketing the product and one that popular with customers in a hurry.

Before this fresh produce ever reaches the retailers, however, it must first be transported from the farms and smallholding where it is grown to processing plants for freezing and preparation of convenience foods or to the wholesalers for distribution. Here too, the growers must buy some means to pack their products into convenient measures and, for such purposes the most affordable solution will, almost certainly be polypropylene packs, though probably pockets rather than bags. The former are also especially useful for use at farm stalls, where larger quantities than those normally offered by retailers are sold direct to the public at wholesale prices.

Offering Numerous Advantages

These woven items offer a number of distinct advantages not shared by other packing materials. For a start, they are extremely tough and, as anyone who may have been frustrated in his or her attempts to access the contents of one without some means of cutting through its filaments, extremely resistant to tearing.

The fact that they are also quite soft in nature minimises the risk that the material itself could cause damage to more delicate types of produce. In addition, its open mesh structure guarantees an adequate flow of air through the contents that serves to prevent sweating that could otherwise lead to the rotting that is commonly encountered when, for instance, fruit or vegetables are stored for too long in polythene packets.

Their carrying capacity need be no more of an issue than their affordability, as the use of WPP or woven polypropylene results in bags that are very elastic in nature. This means that they able to expand and contract as required according to the volume of the packed contents.

The low density variety carries the added advantage of allowing the contained produce to remain visible and The International Group, a South African Company specialising in the manufacture of these and a wide range of other packaging materials, offers these units in a range of appropriate colours. Intended to both improve the appearance of the product and highlight its nature, colours such as orange, green and purple are perfect for the packing of produce such as citrus, avocados and beetroot, respectively.

By contrast, there are also applications for which properties such as airflow and stretching may not be desirable. For these, there is a high-density woven product that is opaque and suitable for use in the packaging of building materials, chemicals and particulate products such as pet food. These are lightweight products that, in some instances, may even be reusable.

These are just some of the many applications for this tough and versatile packing material that has revolutionised the way in which many widely-differing industries now package and transport their products.

With more than 60 years of experience behind it, The International Group is well-established as South Africa’s supplier of choice; offering flexibility in its products and exceptional service to anyone who’s business may benefit from affordable, high-quality polypropylene bags.