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Finding the Best Suppliers of Paper Bags for your Business

Packaging material such as paper bags, cardboard cartons, plastic bags and fomo containers add to the convenience we seek in our everyday lives. These forms of packaging keep food products fresh and safe; they provide containment for hazardous chemicals and allow for simple and affordable packaging that both consumers and business owners benefit from. Finding reputable suppliers of paper bags for your business is essential as this is an item you will need on a regular basis for years to come.

You want to be certain that your supplier has adequate experience and a reliable supply of stock. Service standards and competitive pricing should also be factored in. The great demand for packaging material has expanded this market considerably in South Africa. Suppliers of paper bags have responded accordingly, but finding the best supplier for your business is simpler than you may think.

Choosing a Reputable Company

The International Group of Companies has been successfully operating for more than sixty years. Our extensive experience and expertise when it comes to packaging material is second to none in our country. We are a Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) company with the majority of our shareholders and directors coming from previously disadvantaged communities.

Employing over 600 people, our staff are all fully trained in packaging and customer service. Having a thorough grasp of our manufacturing process and product range is equally important, if not more, than being equipped to provide the best possible service to our valued customers. Our operational managers are highly qualified with years of experience, ensuring that your product specifications and logistical requirements are attended to accurately and efficiently.

Top Quality Products

It will not help you or your business in the least if your supplier of paper bags delivers a good quality product on schedule for six months and then stops providing the professional service and level of quality you are expecting. Suppliers may aim to win over your business in the beginning and then gradually introduce price increases for paper bags of an inferior quality. Your complaints would soon fall on deaf ears or you may fail to notice these incremental changes at first, spending more and more money on a product that reflects poorly on your business.

With the International Group of Companies, you can rest assured that this will never happen. We guarantee top-quality products at competitive rates, and the consistency of both these elements that are so crucial to your business. Consumers may consider the suppliers of paper bags and other packaging material to be an insignificant part of running a successful business. Experienced business owners will attest to the value of every penny and every product. In reality, no detail goes unnoticed by your customers. Providing them with good quality packaging will speak volumes of your commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Excellent Customer Service

Reliable delivery of your orders, no matter how big or small, is equally important. When researching suppliers, it is always advisable to check their track record and, in particular, their reputation for prompt delivery and integrity in all their business dealings. Over the last six decades, the International Group of Companies has perfected the manufacturing and supply of packaging material to various industries across South Africa including agriculture, commercial, retail and domestic markets. Our customers remain loyal to our company for several reasons. These include:

  • Excellent customer service
  • High quality of materials used in our manufacturing
  • Reliable and efficient service including the processing of orders and delivery of products
  • Competitive pricing and the range of options provided to accommodate different businesses
  • Competence and commitment of our friendly staff, equipped to advise customers on the best products for their specific business


Why Use Paper Bags

Most companies opt for paper bags because of their affordability. Another great benefit is that paper bags are lightweight, but remarkably durable. This makes them ideal for heavy items that customers would need to lift and carry like charcoal or potatoes.

If your business is a restaurant or take-away, paper bags are definitely the superior option. They will keep your customers’ meals warmer for longer than plastic bags will and provide better protection from contamination and spillage.

Suppliers of paper bags should all recommend recycling to their customers, as we do at the International Group of Companies. This is an excellent reason to choose this type of product packaging, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to responsible business practice.