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World-Class Plastic Bag Manufacturers

International Group of Companies (ICG) has been serving the packaging industry for over 60 years. During this time we have proven ourselves to be a manufacturer of high quality plastic bags. We have a proud history in South Africa and are fully BEE certified. Our average bag has a great deal invested in it to ensure that our customers receive a product that is not only durable, but cost-effective as well.

Uses for Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are used in the agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors to such an extent that it is hard to imagine these sectors being able to cope without them. They function as storage and transport vessels and are versatile enough to carry a bag of groceries, large vegetables and even some building materials. Plastics bags come in variety of colours and shapes. Their variable durability means they can be manufactured according to the customer’s specifications to suit their product perfectly.

Woven Plastic Pockets

Polypropylene is used to make these pockets. They are woven on a special machine according the product specifications. The denser weave it suited to heavier items like melons or pumpkins while the lighter weave would be ideal for smaller fruit or vegetables. Customers choose the colour of the bags to match the goods to be carried. Colour options include orange, purple, yellow, red and brown. These bags are perfect for fresh produce because they allow for sufficient ventilation while remaining structurally sound.

Circular Woven Bags

Circular woven bags come in sizes ranging from 30 x 45cm to 72 x120cm. Their advantages include:

  • Being strong enough to hold certain building materials, e.g. pebbles and gravel
  • Treated to withstand UV rays and, as result, guaranteed a product life of at least 3 months
  • Printing is reasonably simple, allowing customers to request necessary product information to be added and making storage and dispensing of products easier


Refuse Bags

One of our biggest sellers is refuse bags that are used by local municipalities, private customers as well as commercial enterprises. Refuse bags are designed to be incredibly strong and lightweight. They are made according to government specifications regarding bio-degradability. Our popular ranges, like refuse bags, benefit from economies of scale and IGC is able to produce them at very competitive prices.

Smaller bags

Supermarkets and other food retailers make extensive use of our products. Due to versatile printing options, shopping bags have turned into mobile advertisements.  Our customers have the choice of clear or solid colour bags. The former is used widely in butcheries.

The design of the shopping bag is very effective because it is light, strong and has convenient handles. Despite legislation, the number of bags that are used by supermarkets is still very high. People are not throwing their bags away, but tend to forget them in cars or at home.

Environmental Impact

Plastic bags have been considered the bane of the environment for a long time. In the past, consumers would often discard bags after use, which led to lower quality bags being prevalent since they would only be used once.

Our increased awareness around the impact of plastic packaging on our natural environment has led the International Group to develop a bag that is reusable. These bags can also be recycled into various other plastic goods. The involvement of government, stipulating that supermarkets have to charge for bags, has resulted in a significantly smaller carbon footprint being left by the plastic manufacturing industry.

At IGC we are conscious of our impact on the environment and are constantly trying to lower the negative effects of plastic manufacturing. Aside from producing higher quality bags that can be reused, we also ensure that our production techniques are the most efficient possible. The large customer base that we enjoy allows us to keep our transportation costs down, consequently lowering carbon emissions.

Plastic bag manufacturers like the International Group of Companies have managed to reverse the general opinion that people have held about plastic bags and those that manufacture them. This is the result of a successful collaboration between industry, government and households. By working together, we have shown how this cheap, durable product can add value to our lives without harming our ecosystem.