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Finding the Best Supplier of Potato Bags

Despite the many benefits associated with plastic bags, paper is still in demand as a packaging material. Increasing awareness of the ecological impact of plastic has led to greater usage of paper. The International Group of Companies (ICG) has always been a major supplier of bags.  Paper bags are in fact the preferred option for products like biltong and fresh bread. The potato bag, with its distinctive triple layer, has always been made of paper.

Why Paper Bags?

Paper is the ideal packing solution for goods requiring a material that offers moisture absorption and breathability. The potato bag utilises both features and its triple layer adds durability to the list. The lightweight nature of paper packaging means that it does not add much to the product weight. This is particularly useful for products like potatoes that are transported in bulk.

Ecological Benefits

The environmental impact of paper bags is a great deal less than plastic. We at IGC are very conscious of the carbon footprint left by our manufacturing facilities. We strive to do all that we can to benefit the community without causing unnecessary damage to the environment.

Paper potato bags are easily recycled with recycling depots all over South Africa. When eventually disposed of in a landfill, they decompose easily, which suits the once-off design of paper bags. Paper is not meant for repeat use, so there is no risk of germs being passed along. This level of corporate social responsibility is reflected in all IGC production policies.


Printing on paper is simpler and cheaper than plastic or foam.  Branding designs can be more elaborate and writing can be more detailed. Distributors may request product information like sell-by dates, point of origin and detailed product specifications to be printed on their bags. Pictures and logos are also reproduced with ease.


The breathable nature of paper packaging means that its contents remain fresher for longer. This minimises the risk of goods going stale while being transported from one end of the country to another. Since paper retains heat well, while allowing moisture to escape, it is extensively used in the takeaway industry to wrap sandwiches and box pizzas. Any food that is not served cold is best kept in paper to avoid any sogginess.


Paper is deceptively strong. When used in multiple layers the durability increases dramatically. The triple layer used in potato bags is testament to this. When being transported they are packed in large stacks and are not always handled with care during loading or when palletised for shipping. Still, they normally arrive at their destination in an excellent condition.

Why Should You Choose IGC?

The International Group is the amalgamation of three packaging concerns. Landpak, Brits Bag Manufacturers and International Bag Buyers offer customers the benefit of having considerable experience in the packing industry and intimate knowledge of the South African market.

Our BEE company employs more than 600 people. We have our headquarters in Brits and offices located around the country. IGC produces bags that are specifically designed to cope with the local climate and can withstand the rigors of long distance transportation.

Since all of our products are locally manufactured, transport costs are minimised. This saving is passed on to the customer and eventually the end-user. We aim to provide a value-for-money product to industrial, agricultural and domestic users.

Our years of experience have trimmed our production processes so that costs are kept low without compromising on product quality. This means that customers who place bulk orders can look forward to very competitive prices. It also places the International Group in a position to advise new clients on packing and printing options.

The IGC team is committed to providing not just excellent products, but world-class customer service too. We welcome constructive client interaction and there is always someone available to answer questions and respond to feedback. Our client list includes major supermarkets, take-away franchises and commercial farms.

Most of our commercial customers would not consider another supplier to produce their potato bag requirements because of the exceptional track record they have experienced with our company. As frontrunners in the industry, developing high quality and cost-effective packaging solutions, we look forward to continuing in this way for years to come.