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Refuse Bags

Reliable Refuse Bags

People are always looking for cost-effective suppliers of plastic bags. Due to the nature of work that refuse bags are used for, durability becomes a deciding factor as well. Thanks to over six decades in the plastic textile industry, the International Group of Companies (ICG) is able to satisfy both of these essential requirements, affordability and durability.
Due to the everyday use of refuse bags, cost implications are an important consideration. We have been supplying high-quality plastic bags for many years and our production processes have been streamlined for maximum efficiency. This saving is passed on directly to our customers and has led to our company being one of the biggest role-players in this industry.

Why Choose ICG

As mentioned earlier, we have been around for over sixty years. This gives us a great deal of insight into the South African market and the requirements that our harsh weather demands. We are always ready to adapt to changes in the marketplace as well as the national environment as a whole. This is reflected in the number of previously disadvantaged people that occupy managing roles at ICG and has resulted in us being awarded full BEE status.

The reliability of our products is affirmed by the popularity of our other packing options. For years, we have dominated the vegetable packing market with a selection of bags to suit all packing needs, ranging from oranges to pumpkins, and everything in between.

Refuse Bags for All Occasions

We produce a broad range of refuse bags that people can choose from, depending on their exact requirements. Our bags are available in a range of thicknesses and sizes, making them suitable for any environment. Households tend to use medium-sized bags that are suited to most kitchen rubbish bins. Large refuse bags that handle the bulk of domestic waste have to be durable, but do not require the same level of thickness as those required by the restaurant industry, for example.

Municipalities use heavy duty bags that have to withstand large loads and being shunted around by workers. Similarly, garden refuse bags need to be much more durable than a standard domestic bag.  Due to our large market share and the expertise we have in this industry, we are able to mass produce our bags in the most efficient way possible. Thus, guaranteeing our customers high-quality goods at competitive prices.

Environmentally Responsible Production

One of the ways we manage keep our bags competitively priced is by heat-sealing them with rip strips. Other alternatives include stitched bags and bags with the perforated edges. The beauty of our refuse bags is that they can be conveniently transported and stored because we distribute them in rolls, which also makes for ease of use.

All big businesses should be committed to reducing their carbon footprint by doing as little damage as possible during the production process. At ICG we take this responsibility very seriously and are determined to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. To this end, we have drawn on our years of experience to make our production process as energy-efficient as possible.

Gone are the days when all plastic represented a great environmental hazard. The plastics we use at ICG are the result of years of research. Our refuse bags are biodegradable, making them ideal for transporting items to a landfill site and burying them along with other rubbish. These bags will soon break down and become part of the ecological process. If necessary, they can also be easily incinerated and serve as source of reusable energy. It is important to note that the biodegradability does not take away from the strength of our refuse bags; they are still extremely durable.

A commitment to product quality and environmental protection has led to a joint initiative between government and industry to produce bags that are strong enough to be reused on multiple occasions. This has been an aggressive and effective way to curtail the amount of plastic wastage that was taking place.

ICG has been around for a long time because of our commitment to providing excellent service that benefits our customers in real terms. Our commitment to South Africa and to future generations is evident in all aspects of our operation.