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Looking For Plastic Bags In Pretoria?

Where would we be without plastic bags? Imagine lugging armfuls of shopping to our cars. How would farmers transport fruit and vegetables? The plastic bag has revolutionised our lives it has become the most convenient and cost effective packaging solution of the century. If you need plastic bags in Pretoria and want to find a supplier of plastic bags Pretoria’s International Group are the company you need to talk to.

The International Group of Companies is the manufacturer of high quality boxes and plastic bags in Pretoria. We specialise in the manufacture of a variety of bags and boxes for applications across all sectors of the market. Our plastic bags are used in retail outlets across the country and our woven bags are the packaging choice of farmers and fruit growers who want a high quality cost effective packaging option. 

Our plastic bags are made form soft packaging and are manufactured in different sizes and styles. The plastic bags come in various quantities and range from 1 litre to 18.8 litre capacity bags. The use of ourplastic bags in Pretoria and across the country is extensive. Butcheries, ice manufacturers, vegetable suppliers and retailers number amongst our loyal customers. The International Group of Companies also manufactures other quality plastic products including plastic plant bags and plastic bottles and lids. 

The International Group of Companies has been in the packaging industry for over 60 years and has established an impressive reputation for supplying quality packaging products from boxes through to woven and plastic bags. Pretoria based, this packaging company also provides the market with twines, shade cloth, hardware and moulded plastics.  We are dedicated to producing and supplying our customers with a quality product that won’t let them down.

To find out more about sourcing various packaging products especially affordable, durable plastic bags in Pretoria, contact The International Group of Companies.