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The International
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A Market Leader in Plastic Textiles

Plastic Bags Wholesalers

The Most Competitive Plastic Bag Wholesalers In The Country

The International Group of Companies is one of the leading plastic bag wholesalers in the country. With over 60 years of experience in the packaging game we have managed to build a company that is more than capable of meeting the packaging demands of the country. As leading plastic bag wholesalers we are able to give our customers a quality product at unbelievably competitive prices. 

As plastic bag wholesalers we a have a wide variety of plastic bags, in different sizes and designs, that are designed for a multitude of different applications. Our soft plastic bags are used extensively in the retail industry where outlets use them to pack goods in for their customers.  Our plastic bags are also used by butcheries to package meat and by ice manufacturers. We are also manufacturers and suppliers of a selection of other products including shade cloth twine, knitted vegetable pockets, woven vegetable pockets, moulded plastics, hardware and other packaging products 
Apart from being leading plastic bag wholesalers we also manufacture a selection of other packaging products in different materials:

  • Cardboard boxes and paper bags for use in the fruit and vegetable industry.
  • Fomo cups and containers for use in the fast food industry and the nursery industry.
  • Miscellaneous packaging materials such as plastic rolls, tape and stickers.

As leading plastic bag wholesalers the International group of Companies has made a name for itself by providing a selection of quality packaging products to the market. We are a proud BEE company and employ over 1000 people. We are determined to maintain our standard of excellence and strive to continue to produce quality goods for all our thousands of customers. To find out more about the products and services of this leading plastic bag wholesaler contact The International Group of Companies.