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Polypropylene Bags for Easy Packaging

In terms of storing and packaging food, polypropylene bags are definitely the preferred type of bag for many of South Africa’s most important industries. It is also far stronger than other polyethylene bags. Polypropylene bags are a very high density form of polythene and are chiefly used in the manufacture of tough plastic products such as bags or even plastic chairs. Bags manufactured using polypropylene is used have a metal look when provided with a metallic finish.

These bags are also industrially manufactured by bringing together many monomer molecules in order to form a huge macromolecular structure referred to as polymer. The polymer will in turn consist chiefly of hydrogen and carbon which is also associated with similar types of molecules. Manufacturers will do this by making use of a very small proportion of the polypropylene polymer to manufacture these in-demand bags in South Africa.

Aside from the obvious benefits of this material, it also succeeds in keeping dust and bacteria at bay, and is also lighter in weight than other types of polymer. Its tensile strength and high density makes these bags excellent for carrying heavy objects such as groceries. This is why they are such a phenomenon at South African grocery stores. Polypropylene bags are rigid, firm and very resistant to wear, unlike that of ordinary shopping bags. If you take a close look you will see that these types of bags are also ideal for other packaging other materials too.

If you run a grocery store or retail shop, you will need to build up stock of polypropylene bags. The great thing is that you can easily print on these bags and brand it – as many of South Africa’s leading grocery stores do. It is a great vehicle to drive branding and to help get your message out to the world.

These types of bags are generally knitted or woven using thick polypropylene threads. The main reason for this is to invest in its durability and to help make sure that goods are transported safely, without the bag tearing at all. These bags can carry loads of up to 30 kilograms if need be, which makes it ideal for carrying heavy loads and packaging heavy goods.

International Group of Companies’ Polypropylene Bags

With so many uses ascribed to polypropylene bags, it’s easy to see why so many companies and individuals invest in these types of bags. Landpak is our original manufacturing division, and was registered in 1984 and have been driving innovation ever since. At present, Landpak has grown into an industry leader in the agricultural packaging market in South Africa. This division of our company specialises in the manufacturing of quality and affordable High Density Polyethylene knitted vegetable pockets and polypropylene twines.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best technology and state-of-the-art products that they have come to expect from our industry leading range of quality products. At present we are in the process of further extending our range of plastic bags to include a shade cloth division set to service the commercial, domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors with the same dedication and quality with which we have operated with throughout the years.

There are many reasons why it makes sense for our customers to partner with International Group of Companies for their polypropylene bags and other plastic products. We have a large industry presence and our huge buying power makes it possible for us to make our products available at incredibly competitive prices. We also have the infrastructure to promote innovation in the industry and our high quality standards ensure that all our products adhere to the very highest standards.

Other plastic products on offer from International Group of Companies include moulded plastics. Our vast range of products of moulded plastic products includes plastic fencing droppers and plastic pipes, to name a few. Our plastic piping solutions are manufactured from either High Density Polyethylene or Low Density Polyethylene.

If you are looking for affordable and best quality polypropylene bags, look no further than International Group of Companies. Contact us to discuss all our products in detail, and to learn how we can add value to your company.