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Why It Makes Sense Using Woven Polypropylene Bags in South Africa

Millions of people are waking up to the many benefits that woven polypropylene bags offer. These bags are unique in that it looks very similar to that of a laminated and foldable paper bag. However, its popularity is catching as it has been marketed as the ideal choice when choosing bags for anyone who frequently goes out shopping. Instead of making use of plastic disposable bags that is disastrous for the environment or paper bags, these woven polypropylene bags offer a far better solution to consumers who are increasingly becoming environmentally conscious in their spending patterns.

Aside from the environmentally friendly factors of these bags, it is also a cost-effective option in that it allows consumers to use the bags for a very long time, instead of having to buy disposable bags at each shopping trip and point of purchase. Thanks to the increase in popularity, woven polypropylene bags manufacturers in South Africa are hard at work to meet the increased demands for these bags. But what exactly makes these bags so appealing, and what makes it that much better than other bags?

The Many Benefits of Using Woven Polypropylene Bags

There are so many different reasons why it makes sense to use these bags. It is incredibly sturdy, as is very evident from the moment you get a hold of one. These bags also appear to be a real hybrid of plastic and paper bags, however the polypropylene material serves to make it far more durable. Even if you laden the bag with heavy groceries, the handles won’t rip off or tear and the bag’s bottom won’t suddenly come undone and give in either. This is in stark contrast to plastic bags, or even durable brown paper bags. This is not the case with woven polypropylene bags, as it will remain intact.

Another reason why woven polypropylene bags manufacturers in South Africa is finding it hard to keep up with the demand for these bags is because it is so easy to store and reuse. It is possible to fold these bags much like that of a paper bag and store it just about anywhere – in the home, behind the fridge, in the boot of the car or even in your purse. What’s even better is that you can easily wash the bag should something have spilled inside like a sauce or juice – this would be near to impossible to do with a disposable bag! Not only does it help you, and cut down on the costs of your shopping trips, but it will also put a smile on the environment’s face.

Since these bags are so incredibly easy to keep clean and store away, you can continue to use the same bags for a very long time. As more and more South Africans are following the international trend of becoming more environmentally conscious, people are adjusting their spending habits to support these efforts. This is also reflected in the shopping bags they opt to purchase, and since South Africa’s government has decided to charge a disposable shopping bag tax where we need to pay for each bag, it is an economical choice too.

Woven Polypropylene Bags from International Group of Companies

For many years we have remained one of the top producers and suppliers of quality woven polypropylene bags manufacturer in South Africa. We supply and manufacture vegetable pockets in both woven and knitted formats, as well as the circular woven bags which come in various colours and sizes to fit your exact needs.

The sizes of the bags range from 2kg to 25kg and the colour requirements of the knitted pockets will normally be crop specific. An extensive range of colours is available to meet the demands of your business which includes red, orange, yellow, green, white, tangerine and mandarin, as well as other colours.

The circular woven bags are manufactured using virgin polypropylene and also contain anti-UV additives which ensure that a minimum lifespan of three months is achieved. If you are looking for more information on one of South Africa’s top woven polypropylene bags manufacturers, contact International Group of Companies today for more information on our extensive product range.