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High Quality Bags In The Retail Sector

A few years ago government decided that the quality of plastic bags used by supermarkets and the commercial sector need to be improved so that they are re-usable. This meant that the plastic packets needed to be much thicker than the bags that were manufactured in the past. Retailers of course had to absorb the cost involved in the improvements that were made in producing high quality bags and were required to charge their customers for the bags they required. This production of high quality bags and the cost involved in purchasing these items is mainly to eliminate the enormous waste and rubbish problem in South Africa as well as to protect the environment.

However, while many of the retailers in the country met these requirements at first, it has become clear that not all retailers are still providing high quality bags. This is due to the fact that no penalties or fines have been attached to the use of cheaper plastic bags and packets. This has however not stopped the retail industry from still charging the same rate as was set for the use of the high quality bags as implemented by government.

But the inability of government to solve the plastic bag problem in the country does not mean that we as consumers should allow the retail industry to dictate the terms. Make sure that you only shop at stores or retail outlets that still provide high quality bags. Remember to re-use the bags that you have purchased and take the high quality bags with you to the stores that are using cheap bags. Don’t buy the cheap bags and the retail industry will stop supplying them.

To ensure that you as a retailer are providing your customers with high quality bags in accordance with legislation and start minimising your impact on the environment, you can simply contact us.