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It is said that a complete revolution in packaging began in the 1960s when people first came to realise the cost-effectiveness of manufacturing plastic packaging. Since then people have grown so accustomed to using plastic that they probably don’t even notice exactly how many times we use them on a daily basis. Take bottles for example, not only are they ideal for storing liquids but are considerably cheaper to produce too when compared to glass bottles. The average item of this type is used for more than just storing cold drinks and water; they are also used for storage of detergents, chemicals, toiletries and so on.  

bottles for packagingAt The International Group of Companies we offer plastic bottles at a cost-effective rate to our clients and at the same time expect them to make provisions for the correct disposal and recycling of these units. When investing in plastic bottles it is essential that you take into account how they will be disposed of because one has to understand the negative impact that such products can have on the environment if they are not disposed of correctly. These items should be separated from other waste products and rubbish and delivered to the various recycling depots which are situated conveniently across the country. One of the major benefits when investing in plastic bottles is that it can be recycled a number of times which means that you will be reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

When browsing through our range you will find that we manufacture and stock units that are in various sizes from 250ml to 2litres in capacity. Each of these units is supplied with a lid and offers durability and strength. A close look at what the market has to offer will reveal that high density polyethylene units and polyethylene terephthalate units are of the most popular. These products each have their own set of purposes and must be correctly used for safety reasons. For example, the high density polyethylene options are not ideal for storing soft drinks and water as they do not support solvents. At The International Group of Companies we are professional in our approach to manufacturing and ensure that clients are advised on which products are best and safest for the containment of their products. If you aren’t entirely sure, chat to one of our consultants about your products and packaging needs.

When it is said that the cost of such packaging is a great reason why it is so popular, it is absolutely true. Manufacturers that are able to save on the costs of their packaging materials are in turn able to offer their clients a more cost-effective product overall, which means savings all round. This is quite an attractive option for most companies that require their products packaged. In the long term it is best to seek out products for packaging that are not just cost-effective, but of an excellent quality too – and this is absolutely guaranteed by us.

At The International Group of Companies we present our products, including plastic bottles, to the market with confidence. We have been working in the field in excess of 60 years and put our knowledge and experience to good use assisting our clients to choose the right packaging products for the items that they are selling. We are also a recognised BEE compliant company that is always looking for ways in which to give back to the community. While we operate under one umbrella, we are comprised of 4 separate companies called: Brits Bag Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd, Landpak (Pty) Ltd, YouFam CC and International Bag Buyers (Pty) Ltd.

If you are hunting around for the right packaging products for a range of uses then you will find that we also present fomo, soft plastic, paper and cardboard packaging options to the market. Each of these products is designed to offer exceptional durability and value for money. Bulk purchases ensure the best rates on the market and our sales consultants are always available to advise you on which items on our range are best suited to your specific needs and requirements.

Invest in our plastic bottles and other products and you certainly won’t regret it. Allow us at The International Group of Companies to provide you with further advice and a quotation today.