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Leading Suppliers Of Boxes In South Africa

Fresh produce packaging must be done with great care to prevent damage to the products. As such it is essential to purchase packaging material from experienced suppliers of boxes such as the International Group of Companies. Bruising is one of the main problems when it comes to fresh produce packaging because of fruits and vegetables packed tightly. It is recommended that you make use of special boxes to ensure enough airflow, space, and protection against bruising.

The International Group of Companies, a leading BEE company in the Northwest Province of South Africa, has more than six decades of experience as suppliers of boxes to the agricultural, commercial, and industrial sectors of the country.

Our consultants have the required knowledge to recommend the most suitable boxes for every type of fruit or vegetable. It is this knowledge that sets us apart as suppliers of boxes to the agricultural industry. Strawberries for instance, are packed in small boxes, while peaches require larger boxes with air holes, not only for ventilation, but also for easy inspection of the fruit quality by patrons of a grocery store. When it comes to egg boxes you will need cost effective packaging that will ensure complete protection against the occasional bumps. Once again, you can rely on our expertise as leading suppliers of boxes to provide the best possible packaging material for eggs as well.

With branches in Cape Town, Mogwase, Pietermaritzburg and Brits, you will never be far from one of the topsuppliers of boxes in South Africa. We provide an extensive range of boxes including flat and corrugated cardboard boxes.

No matter what your packaging requirements are, you can rely on us as leading suppliers of boxes in South Africa, to manufacture and supply you with superior and suitable packaging material. Contact us today for more information on our range of packaging material.