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Best Box Manufacturer In South Africa

Although we might not be aware of it boxes are an essential part of our everyday lives. We use them when we load up our groceries or fruit or when we buy cosmetics, children’s toys and other items. The International Group is one of the biggest box manufacturers in South Africa and we pride ourselves on also being the most reliable box manufacturer in South Africa.

The International Group of Companies was established over 60 years ago and has grown to become the leading supplier of all packaging materials including being one of the only box manufacturers in South Africa to supply the most comprehensive range of boxes to the retail, commercial and farming industry in the country.

The International Group of Companies also prides itself on being one of the most affordable box manufacturers in South Africa. We have always had our customer’s best interest at heart and we do everything possible to try and be the most competitive supplier in the country. Because of our size and experience we have been able to institute systems that have enabled us to keep costs down and negotiate the best deals from our suppliers.

The International Group is a box manufacturer in South Africa that supplies boxes and numerous other packaging items to various sectors in the marketplace and our range of products is extensive:

  • Cardboard and Paper Packaging – this range includes cardboard cartons and boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes for vegetable packaging.
  • Fomo Packaging – this range includes Fomo cups and seedling trays.
  • Soft Plastic – this includes plastic bags and plastic bottles.
  • Miscellaneous Packaging Materials – this range includes the manufacture of tags and stickers, wrapping film, crates, staples and staplers and tape.

For more information on a box manufacturer in South Africa that supplies boxes and a host of other [packaging items contact The International Group of Companies.