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The International Group – South Africa’s Leading Box Supplier

As a farmer growing vegetables or fruit the transportation of your produce to market is of the utmost importance. Bruised, damaged or broken produce results in the lack of earnings and is a waste. Getting abox supplier with the right product to supply you with reliable, sturdy packaging is crucial.

A reliable box supplier will have spent years designing and manufacturing boxes that are made of strong, durable materials. Box designs will have be modified and reworked until they provide they right amount of support and protection for the produce they are intended to protect. The International Group of Companies has been established for over 60 years and has gained a reputation as a box supplier that supplies the best boxes and packaging items to the commercial and agricultural market. Farmers know they can trust us, as a leading box supplier, to supply them with the best boxes in the business. Not only that but we can also promise to give them the most affordable boxes about. 

As a leading box supplier we have developed a wide range of boxes to suit all needs and applications, including:

  • Cardboard and Paper Packaging – this range comprises of cardboard cartons and boxes in various sizes that are suitable for use as egg trays and fresh produce boxes. We also manufacture paper bags.
  • Fomo Packaging – We manufacture Fomo trays and containers that are both durable and good for retaining heat.
  • Soft Plastic – Our plastic bags are used extensively in butcheries as well as in industries that need to pack ice, vegetables and fruit.
  • Miscellaneous Packaging Materials – We have a wide selection of different  plastic packaging materials which includes staplers and staples, tape, wrapping film, tags and stickers, crates, pallet packaging and plastic rolls

The International Group of Companies, as leading bag and box supplier, is trusted by many to manufacture and supply high quality, durable boxes and packaging items that will keep valuable goods and produce safe.