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Who Are The Best Box Manufacturers In Gauteng?

Are you looking for the top box manufacturers in Gauteng?  Decent boxes are becoming increasingly important as the competition is intensifying in the fresh produce market.  Well-designed cardboard boxes of the best quality is crucial if your fresh produce is to reach the supermarket in excellent shape and as attractive and perfect as when you had picked it.

When selecting your box manufacturers in Gauteng, be sure to insist on the best.  They should not only be able to furnish you with every conceivable cardboard box derivative in any size; they should also be able to meet all your other packaging needs, whether you need soft plastic bags, woven or knitted vegetable pockets, paper bags, fomo products, tape or staples and staplers.

Cardboard boxes are used to packages certain types of fresh produce that simply cannot be put in a bag for fear of bruising.  Soft fruits and vegetables are included on this score, like tomatoes, peaches, strawberries and grapes.  These are normally packed in sturdy cardboard boxes that are partially open at the top to allow easy viewing and sampling of the produce.  The boxes are printed with branding on the outside.  Of course, egg trays are also a type of cardboard box and multi-layer paper bags too, even if they are merely made of very thin layers of cardboard.  They are typically used to pack potatoes (they should be protected from light) and charcoal and braai briquettes (that should stay perfectly dry).

The best box manufacturers in Gauteng are the International Group of Companies.  We can assist you with all manner of cardboard packaging in addition to plastic bags, knitted and woven pockets and even pallet packaging.  For more information, please contact us.