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Cardboard Boxes Suppliers Supply The Fresh Produce Sector

Suppliers of fresh produce have to acquire their cardboard packaging from specialist cardboard boxes suppliers.  There is a lot of fresh produce that bruises easily and cannot be packed into bags where the fruits or vegetables would press together.  Examples are peaches, avocado pears, grapes and strawberries.

Cardboard boxes suppliers make these boxes in a vast variety of sizes to cater for every possible need.  For example, strawberries are packed in small boxes while grapes, tomatoes and peaches require far larger boxes.  The boxes are usually punched full of ventilation holes and are open at the top so that patrons that queue to buy the produce can easily see what each box contains.  The outsides of the boxes are usually printed with the requisite branding.

Egg trays represent a somewhat different type of cardboard “box” – it is a moulded tray that is made out of cardboard and meant to safely transport eggs while offering the maximum possible protection against breakage.  Paper bags are not usually seen as cardboard products, but they are.  Examples are the multi-layer paper bags in which one buys potatoes, charcoal and braai briquettes.  Paper bags are preferred where their contents are to be protected against condensation and mildew, yet has to block our all light (potatoes) or prevent the contents from becoming damp (charcoal).  These bags are made of multiple layers of thin cardboard paper.

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