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Agricultural Shade Cloth

Superior Quality Agricultural Shade Cloth For The Best Protection Of Produce

It is essential to purchase high quality agricultural shade cloth as you will not want to have to replace the netting every year. LANDPAK, as part of the International Group of Companies is one of the largest and best known suppliers of shade netting for commercial usage and for farming purposes.

Some of the main benefits offered by the LANDPAK agricultural shade cloth are briefly discussed below to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Superior Quality

No doubt, one of the first questions commercial farmers ask about any product is whether it can withstand the harsh weather elements of South Africa.shade clothFortunately LANDPAK shading is made of superior quality materials which can withstand the harsh sun and rain conditions of South Africa.

LANDPAK doesn’t outsource any part of the production process. From the moment that the raw material is received, right through to the final touches are handled by the competent staff of the company.

Well Tested Products

LANDPAK doesn’t make empty statements regarding the quality of the agricultural shading cloth. Internal quality control at the labs by means of a range of tests, ensure that the end-products meet and exceed the expectations of even the most discerning purchasers.

Top Quality Materials Used

The agricultural industry has come to rely on the products manufactured by LANDPAK and for good reason. Only the best polymer is used and by means of the application of advanced technology, the shade cloth has a lifespan expectancy of eight years. As such the investment in shading, as available from LANDPAK, is worth it through and through.

Full Customisation

Although the rolls of agricultural shade netting come in standard lengths, clients can request customization to meet their particular requirements. It is possible to manufacture the rolls in lengths reaching the 500 metre mark with width customisation of less than a metre to four metres. The standard lengths are 50 metres by 3 metres.

Additional Weather Protection Qualities

The agricultural shade cloth is treated with Hindered Amine Light Stabilising agents to prevent damage caused by UV rays. Up to 90 percent protection can be gained. With such then the valuable products and other assets have adequate protection against the weather elements including that of hail and mighty strong winds.

Top Quality Stitching Strengthens Material

No detail is spared in the making of the shading net. Laddering and tearing possibilities are minimized through an enhanced method of knitting and stitching. With the lock stitch as well as Rachel warp knit method, evenness of the netting is gained.

The original format is retained even after surface tension. LANDPAK applies a process of heat setting that gives the net improved dimensional permanence.

Ease of Maintenance

Because of the unique structure of the cloth it is easy to repair any tearing. Because it can stretch, tearing is minimized. The material will not degrade or start to break down because of UV rays. The company even provides a guarantee for its lifespan, with specific exclusion of damage caused because of chemical usage, mechanical scratching, damage as the result of overload or the erection of a structure with too excessive stretching.

LANDPAK is a reputable supplier of shading products in South Africa. With a solid track record of supply and client satisfaction, the company is also a leader in the packaging industry. When it comes to the selection ofagricultural shade cloth, the best recommendation is that of purchasing such material from LANDPAK. Whether you want netting for a nursery, indoor flowers, a division, backing on a tennis court, covering of vegetables or a vineyard, you will not be disappointed with the shade net available.