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Order Agricultural Shade Cloth

Order Agricultural Shade Cloth that is Durable and Cost-Effective

If you are working in the agricultural market then you are probably looking to order agricultural shade clothon an ongoing basis. The purpose of shade cloth is to absorb the heat of the sun and repel it and its harmful rays. In the agricultural market, shade cloth is used to keep moisture within green houses, provide shade for livestock, to provide a pleasant work area for farm workers and even to assist in the irrigation process of crops.

When you order agricultural shade cloth you will undoubtedly be on the lookout for a product that is durable, able to withstand the harsh elements and of course, available at a cost-effective rate. At The International Group of Companies we like to try and do our bit for the environment and this is why many of our shade cloth products are manufactured from natural products such as bamboo and so on.

We offer 3 main types of shade cloth to the market and constantly ensure that our rates are competitive. The types of shade cloth that we present to the market are as follows:

  • Landpak Agrishade
  • Supershade
  • Builder’s Shade

order shade clothLandpak Agrishade is the shade cloth that is manufactured for agricultural use. It is most commonly found inside commercial nurseries and agricultural setups. This particular type of shade cloth provides an economical and cost-effective option to farmers and agriculture specialists to protect their crops and ensure that their market flourishes. Of course you are welcome to shop around – we are confident that you will find our range of agricultural shade cloth to be of the utmost best quality and made available at an extremely reasonable rate.

When you order agricultural shade cloth from us, you can do so with absolute peace of mind as in general, our shade cloth is known to last at least 8 years. High density polyethylene monofilaments and tape is used to manufacture this cloth which makes it exceptionally durable. UV inhibitors that are part of these fibres enable them to successfully withstand the harsh elements and ensure that the cloth will not fade and become brittle over time.

All of our agricultural shade cloth manufacturing is done at our plant. We closely monitor quality and ensure that each roll of shade cloth presents absolute product quality. Many of our clients either have their shade cloth custom made according to their specifications, but there are those who purchase standard 50m x 3m rolls from us for their own use. Of course we can produce larger rolls with a maximum length of up to 500m and maximum width of up to 4m. Simply provide us with your requirements and we will do our best to meet with these.

We make use of a Rachel warp knitting machine to manufacture our shade cloth and this ensures that the weave is even and shade can thus be evenly provided by this product. Tearing is also avoided by an even weave, not to mention that the shade cloth will always look neat, for your image and convenience. You can expect for your shade cloth to protect your crops or livestock from rain, heat, harmful rays from the sun and even hail. All round protection can be expected from this durable cover.

To order agricultural shade cloth for your business, farm or nursery, take the time to chat to one of our friendly and dedicated sales staff members. Our team will provide you with shading solutions that are well worth your investment. Consider our range and rest assured that you are being provided with a top quality product at the best possible rate on the market.