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Affordable Shade Cloth Suppliers: Guide to Netting in Agriculture

The importance of selecting one of the affordable shade cloth suppliers cannot be emphasized enough. Shade cloth is widely used in agriculture and as such large quantities are needed. To ensure that the shading doesn’t eat into your profits, you need to buy from a reputable supplier that offers affordable products. It is furthermore important to select a supplier known for excellent quality and after sales service. 

Even if you get the best prices and the materials are simply not up to par, you will lose money at the end of the day because the netting will have to be replaced more often because of weathering. In addition, you risk damage to the plants should inappropriate materials be used which cannot provide the right amount of shade and protection against weather elements.

Usage of Shade Cloth in Agricultural Settings

Since most plants farmed today come from their natural settings, which differ widely from the controlled farming environment it is important to create conditions similar to optimal growth conditions in their natural habitats. Netting helps to do just that by giving the ideal micro-climatic environment to the plants.

Plants taken from tropical habitats normally grow under shade, using only diffused light. If you plan on growing such plants in another type of habitat you will need to plant large trees to give the appropriate light diffusion or can create an artificially shaded environment through netting.

The netting will furthermore help to create the high humidity environment needed for tropical plant growth. Without such, the plants will be exposed to harsh sun rays, dry out and simply not grow as they would in nature. The temperature must also be regulated to create the ideal growth conditions and it is made possible with affordable shade cloth, obtainable from trusted suppliers such as the International Group of Companies in South Africa.

Every plant type needs a specific shade level for optimal development. The farmer in South Africa can only create such conditions through use of appropriate netting or cloth. It is, however, also important to ensure correct usage of the netting as too much shade can stunt growth for some plants. To ensure correct application the netting is marked according to the percentage of shade provided. Follow the agricultural guidelines for shade when selecting a cloth type for your crop.

Shading can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Protection against weather elements such as frost, wind, hail and animal related risks such as birds.
  • Nets made for reducing exposure to solar elements as to avoid damage to the plant leaves.
  • Protection for the plants against insects.
  • Nets to create the right climate conditions, used mainly in greenhouse farming.


Strength of Netting

A further classification is done according to the strength of the shade cloth and generally the stronger, the more expensive. This is where budget considerations may come in.

Types of Shading

Shade cloth is also marked according to the level of shade provided such as light, medium, strong or extra strong.

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