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Shade Cloth

Protect Goods and Assets With Versatile And Value For Money Shade Cloth

The South African elements are extremely harsh with UV rays in summer and temperature differentials between day and night during winter potentially damaging a wide variety of goods. Protection from these harsh conditions is a priority for many manufacturers, especially when goods are awaiting transport to retail outlets.

Many of these manufacturers relay on shade cloth to protect these goods and ensure that they reach the market in pristine condition. UV rays can be specially damaging to paint and other high quality finishes. Paint can fade, chip and suffer other damage from prolonged exposure to the sun. Shade cloth prevents this sort of damage while still allowing light to penetrate the storage area. This quality has made shade clothextremely useful not only in manufacturing and storage, but also for private individuals.

Erecting a shade cloth cover is a project that even the novice DIY enthusiast can undertake. With a few simple tools and some accurate measurements a shade cloth enclosure can be erected in only a few hours. Shade cloth is available for purchase from hardware stores and even supermarkets across South Africa and represents an excellent investment in protecting various goods from the effects of the sun. Shade cloth awnings can be erected to protect motor vehicles that are parked outdoors and is also well suited for covering exposed verandas and patios where it will offer those enjoying the out of doors welcome protection from direct sunlight. The shade cloth will also protect garden and patio furniture from UV damage.

On the Highveld summer storms can also bring with them sudden hail storms. If your vehicle is damaged by hail and you have the usual type of insurance cover then it is possible that your vehicle will not be covered for hail damage. By erecting shade cloth over the area where your vehicle is parked hail damage can be avoided.

Shade cloth can also be used by the private individual to protect plants from hail damage, as well as being extremely useful should seedlings or young trees require protection from pets. In these cases a shade clothfence surrounding the growing plants is both easy to erect and extremely effective. Predation by birds is a problem experienced by many who have outdoor fish ponds. The erection of a partial shade cloth covering over part of the pond will provide fish with cover from birds that they will quickly learn to take advantage of.

Shade cloth is also useful in agriculture. Many outdoor nursery’s and suppliers of fresh vegetables use shade cloth to protect growing plants from the sunlight, as well as predation by birds. The use of shade cloth in these environments is also used to protect the plants from hail. Shade cloth has also found its place in applications that are aimed at protecting the environment.

Where young saplings are planted to prevent dune erosion shade cloth is often used as a windbreak while the plants are growing. The hue of shade cloth on dunes prevents sand movement and provides valuable shelter for both flora and fauna while the new dune ecosystem is developing.

Shade cloth has proved its usefulness in a variety of different applications, most of which revolve around the lightweight materials’ ability to withstand the impact of the elements. It represents excellent value for money and is both extremely versatile and hard wearing. Both business and homeowners as well as non profit organisations make use of the material on a daily basis.

If you need to protect your assets from the elements then shade cloth might be the perfect solution to your requirements. For more information on this versatile material contact us and we will be able to answer all your questions on the use of shade cloth and which type of shade cloth would best suit your needs.