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What is Fomo Packaging & Where Can You Purchase it?

What exactly is fomo packaging and what are its benefits? Fomo packaging is actually another name given to polystyrene containers. It has been used in the catering and food industry for many years as a disposable packaging option. Fomo products most often used in the industry are meat trays, disposable cups, hamburger boxes and even “doggy bag” containers.

The uses of polystyrene or fomo packaging are aplenty in the food and catering industry and are in fact a more cost effective option than its alternatives. Polystyrene is a preferred packaging material as it is easily processed, has excellent clarity and high rigidity. Of course this type of packaging has its disadvantages such as not being freezer friendly and being unsuitable for microwave use. Those who do purchase this type of packaging are also expected to encourage their consumers to dispose of these containers in an environmentally friendly way. The International Group of Companies supplies polystyrene packaging in the following forms:

  • 125ml – 350ml disposable cups with fitting lids.
  • Trays and containers used for eggs, fruit, vegetables, meat and so on.
  • Seedling trays used in the agricultural industry.
  • Plates.

You will find all these packaging options to be well priced and of an excellent quality. By chatting to the friendly consultants you can pre order packaging products for delivery, or have your order customised according your specifications. At The International Group of Companies you can expect to receive customer service that is of an excellent standard and be provided with cost effective packaging solutions that will keep you and your customers satisfied.

Take the time to contact The International Group of Companies for more information and advice regarding their fomo packaging options without delay. Request a quote or product catalogue and find the solution to all your packaging needs today.