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Fomo Products For Food Packaging Are Economical, Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Fomo products have been used in the packaging of food products for a long time and for good reason. The polystyrene packaging is hygienic and cost effective to produce. There are several benefits associated with polystyrene packaging, briefly discussed below:

  • The material is lightweight which becomes important when having to transport packaging material as it also means lower fuel costs for the transport company because of the weight.
  • Fomo products are also stable and strong.
  • The environmental footprint left in comparison to other packaging products is minimal.
  • Ensures safer food and thus well accepted by fast food outlets, schools, camping organisers, and governments.
  • High level of sanitation ensures food safety.
  • Because of the sturdiness of the product, it is possible to for instance, purchase a cup of coffee that can be drank on the road since the cup will not lose its shape because of humidity.
  • Excellent heat retaining qualities ensuring that food and beverages can stay warm for longer.
  • Can be produced in a variety of colours.
  • Fomo related products can be recycled.
  • Low production cost which means lower prices of products packed in it.
  • Keep its shape even when carrying a hot beverage.

Polystyrene products are also excellent insulators for electricity. In addition to food packaging, fomopackaging is also used to protect appliances and electronics against damage while being transported. The material has been used in the packaging of food for well over five decades now. Industries have tested theproduct for safety and have concluded that foam polystyrene is amongst the safest food packaging materials available.

Safer Than Cardboard

Fomo packaging products will not crack like glass or become a mess and soft like cardboard when the humidity levels are high. As such it is the perfect packaging material for the safe transportation of products. When it comes to in store safety fast food outlet owners prefer fomo related food packaging because of the lightweight, sturdiness, sanitation level and ability to withstand humidity.

Sanitation Benefits

It is imperative to prevent the spread of bacteria when packaging food. Because the polystyrene is so cost effective to produce it is often preferred to reusable material such as glasses or plates made from plastics or glass. When the plates are for instance, repeatedly washed and dried bacteria is spread because of the moisture on the plates. In addition, the plates are not always washed in clean water and rinsed properly. With fomo products, the items can be thrown away once used and recycled into the system for reproduction.


Polystyrene packaging material can be stored for a long time without such affecting the sanitary level of the products. Since it withstands humidity well and doesn’t lose shape, the products can be purchased in bulk and stored until needed. This makes it more economical to use fomo products for packaging than other products.

Economical Savings

Apart from the economical benefits already mentioned, polystyrene related packaging material is about twice as economical as cardboard or paper packaging. The product for instance, can be produced with half the amount of energy required to make a beverage cup than is the case with paper related cups.

Global Warming

Because less energy is used in the making of polystyrene food packaging material than with coated paper, the products also have a smaller global warming effect. Only a very small portion of the product consists of fomo while the rest is air. Because reusable products must be cleaned, more water is used in the process. As such the usage of fomo products means less water and energy usage when compared to other food containers.