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Fomo and Similar Products are Now Ubiquitous

Even in the United Kingdom, where it is probable that the practice first began, you are no longer likely to be served fish and chips wrapped in a disused newspaper and expected to eat them with your fingers. While this practice may have been traditional it was certainly not hygienic. Even where health regulation may not forbid it, the alternative of packaging this British staple and other takeaway foods and beverages in polystyrene foam containers has proved to be far more convenient for both the supplier and the consumer and very little more expensive.

Fomo is a brand offering a wide range of styrofoam packaging products to the catering industry in particular. Items supplied range including disposable trays of varying shapes and sizes, both with and without lids, as well as tubs and cups. They are to be found in fast food outlets where the average diner simply wants a quick bite before moving on and has little or no interest in traditional table ware. Plastic forks and spoons will normally complete the offering.

For use with a takeaway service, these foam containers are also ideal. The material is airtight, light in weight and has excellent insulating properties so the contents of any covered units will remain warm even if it is necessary to transport a meal over a fairly long distance.

The material is also hygienic in use. During manufacture, these foam cups and trays may be sterilized, a process that is commonly performed using either ultraviolet light or some form of ionizing radiation. It should be noted however that their beaded structure does allow partial absorption of moist foodstuffs and renders effective cleaning impossible so these Fomo products should always be disposed of after use as this is key to retaining the hygienic benefits associated with the use of this versatile material.

A Handy Foam Container to Meet Any Need

If you operate a flapjack or pancake outlet, the long and narrow, flat type of tray should provide the perfect receptacle and may be sealed with transparent film or wrapped in greaseproof paper if not to be eaten on the spot. Sandwich vendors too will find this to be the perfect packaging although they will probably choose something in a square format.

For Miso Soup, Chicken Chow Mein, Lamb Curry or Spaghetti Bolognaise the deeper circular bowl is just right and may be sealed with a cardboard disc or a transparent plastic lid, the latter being the better option where there may be a risk that more liquid foods could leak in transit.

Where the meal may be composed of a number of components best separated, a segmented tray could be the best solution, particularly if it is to be eaten in house where a more appetizing presentation may well be appreciated. When it is time for a hot or cold drink, it is also time to think Fomo again. The insulating properties of products such as their foam cups means that you can be sure to enjoy your piping hot filter coffee, cappuccino or latté as well as your iced tea or orange juice at the temperature intended, even from a takeaway.

The use of foam containers is, of course, not confined to the hospitality and catering industries. The material offers the advantage of being easily moulded into a wide variety of shapes and, as a result, it is also widely used by smallholdings and garden centres although, in these locations, it takes the form of styrofoam plant pots and seedling trays, rather than plates, dishes and cups.

The International Group specialises in the manufacture and supply of packaging materials used in a wide range of industries and applications. It is a company with a solid reputation and experience that spans over six decades. A clear industry leader, there is no better source for Fomo products or other high-quality packaging.