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Food Packaging Suppliers That Offer Superior Quality, Exceptional Service and Affordability

Looking for reliable and credible food packaging suppliers that can offer you top quality and affordable food packaging?  Packaging is an important part of every business and buying food packaging for your products can be a daunting task. Without doubt, it can be quite a difficult decision to make when selecting the right packaging suppliers that can benefit your product, especially when you are faced with a diverse range of suppliers in today’s competitive market. You need affordable, top quality and durable food packaging with packaging suppliers that can offer you a fast delivery, even next day delivery if needed. There are certain criteria that you should take into consideration, before diving into a service contract with a food packaging supplier, such as supplier credibility, superior quality, affordability and exceptional service.

Discover the Largest and Most Established Supplier in the Southern Hemisphere

The International Group of Companies are one of the largest, most reputable and longest established food packaging suppliers in the Southern Hemisphere. Established over 60 years ago, with over 1000 staff, we have earned a remarkable reputation as South Africa’s leading food packaging supplier. Our core principle which we stand by is to provide a superior quality product, to offer a range of cost effective and affordable products, coupled with outstanding customer service and always assisting our clients with honesty and integrity.

Suppliers that Offer Exceptional Product Knowledge and Service

When it comes to knowledge and service, we provide you with the best and most suitable options for your product requirements. Once we know a bit more about your product we can offer you valuable information such as lifespan, storage, insulation, airflow, protective requirements and temperature requirements. Once these have been established we can furnish you with the most suitable packaging to enhance your product.

Superior Quality Packaging at Your Doorstep

We don’t believe in throwing good money after bad and this is why we make sure that throughout our distribution process we follow strict quality control procedures - always making sure our products are manufactured from the very best materials. Our commitment ensures that we stock large volumes so you can be confident that your delivery requirements will always be met every time - on time. Our food packaging is strong and durable, preserves freshness and guarantees that the quality of the food is well preserved. Use our food packaging in your house or your shop; you will always get the same result – fresh, good quality life-giving food.

Food Packaging that is Cost Effective and Affordable

At The International Group of Companies we pride ourselves on being the most cost effective and affordable food packaging supplier in South Africa. We assist our clients in the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors - reducing costs by offering our clients fantastic service contracts and frequently providing loyalty discounts and special offers on various product lines. We do everything possible to try and be the most price competitive and affordable packaging supplier in the country. We believe in bringing value and quality together and because of our size and experience we have been able to institute systems that have enabled us to keep costs down and quality up.

Our Product Range

The International Group of Companies serves as food packaging suppliers for the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors of South Africa. True to our commitment of superior service delivery and production in line with environmental regulations, The International Group of Companies ensures durable and safe recyclable products. We manufacture an affordable and extensive range of materials in paper format, cardboard, soft plastic, fomo and miscellaneous packaging materials which includes tape, wrapping film, dispensers, staplers, stickers, fastening equipment and plastic rolls.

The International Group of Companies have been endorsed as the leaders of a vast range of food packaging commodities and materials. If you are scouting the marketplace for food packaging suppliers, contact the International Group of Companies and discover cost effective and high quality food packaging. We believe in long term relationship building and thus ensure excellent client relationships with all of our clients. Unsurpassed by any of our food packaging competitors - we are highly regarded in the marketplace throughout South Africa for providing our clients with specialist knowledge, superior quality, exceptional service, affordability, prompt delivery and a convenient and reliable distribution network.