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Food Packaging

Discover the Endless Benefits of High Quality Food Packaging

A simple walk down the isle of your local grocery store will prove just how far the food packaging industry has evolved. Food packaging has become a strategic decision with much thought and science going into the manufacturing and material selection process. It’s hard to believe but it plays a vital role in our everyday lives from hygiene, preservation, choice, food safety to convenience - it does so much more than simply hold a product.

The International Group of Companies offer you a range of food packaging benefits that consumers rely on for everyday living:

  • Hygiene and food safety - food packaging ensures the high standards of food safety by alleviating bacterial contamination. The product must also be protected against the climate, including high temperatures, humidity, light and gases in the air. It has been proposed that increased use of packaging for fresh produce could prevent contamination with Salmonella, a leading cause of foodborne diseases.


  • Product labelling and identification - packaging contains important information including ingredients and ‘sell by date’. Information that is useful to consumers and supermarkets is printed on packaging. This includes ingredients, nutritional information, expiration dates, price, special offers, manufacturers address, barcode and more.
  • Protection during transport - packaging is necessary for the protection against being dropped, crushed, and the vibration it suffers during transport.


  • Stacking and storage - supermarkets and shops must be able to stack packages so that space is not wasted on the shelves. Lost space on shelves is looked upon as lost opportunity to sell to a customer. Additionally, the package must be designed in such a way that all the important information can be seen by a potential buyer as it sits on the shelf, especially the product name.
  • Convenience - your daily routine has many close encounters with food packaging: For breakfast - cereal from a cardboard box; for lunch – fish packaged in soft plastic; afternoon snack - a plastic bag of potato chips and a shrink-wrapped tray of fruit. By the time you dish up your supper of baked chicken and freshly packaged broccoli, you’ve reaped the benefits of numerous different food-packaging materials. Packaged food offers convenience; it is nice to have good food that you can grab and go - offering time-saving and easy to use features.


About Our Food Packaging Range

The International Group of Companies have been in the packaging industry for over 60 years. We are one of the largest, most trusted and established food packaging suppliers in the Southern Hemisphere, designing and manufacturing food packaging solutions to meet the requirements of the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. Our wide range of packaging materials is designed to service the needs of our consumers which range from:

  • Cardboard and paper packaging - our range includes:


    • Cardboard cartons and boxes in a variety of sizes - for fruit and vegetable packaging
    • Egg trays and paper bags - for potato and charcoal packaging
  • Fomo packaging - our range includes:


    • Fomo trays and containers
    • Fomo cups (125ml - 350ml)
    • Seedling trays
  • Soft plastic packaging - it is necessary to have the right size and type of plastic bag for packaging. You will find that our range offers inexpensive, yet, durable plastic bags. Our range includes:


    • Plastic bags - meat products, handy man items, ice in various sizes
    • Vegetables (punched bags)
    • Fruits (punched bags)
    • Plastic plant bags (1 litre - 18.8 litre)
  • Knitted vegetable pockets


    • Pockets made from high density food grade Polyethylene
    • Size range from 3 to 25 kg
    • Capacity strength ensured by a pillar as well as a filler stitch
    • Colours are crop specific: green, white, yellow, orange, red, purple, mandarin and tangerine.
  • Woven vegetable pockets


    • Woven pockets are made from virgin polypropylene
    • Sizes range from: 10 kg and 25 kg
    • Colours are crop specific: green, red, brown purple and white
  • Circular woven (WPP) bags


    • Circular woven bags made from virgin polypropylene which has been treated with anti-UV agents to ensure prolonged existence of the bags - each bag is expected to last about three months
    • Sizes range from 30 by 45 cm and 72 by 120 cm
    • Colours range from blue, brown, purple and white to yellow, green, orange and red
    • Customers can purchase plain or customized designed printed bags.
    • Customised printed bags - WPP bags are available as plain or printed. Printing is customised to suit the client’s individual requirements

Because food packaging plays a significant role in the preservation and marketability of a product, many companies turn to us at The International Group of Companies for a reliable and trustworthy contract packaging service to help them obtain the best quality packaging available on the market. Contact us today for a top quality service.