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Packaging for Food

Packaging for Food Designed for the Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial Markets

In today’s retail environment, there is no product without packaging! Selecting the correct packaging for food can be an overwhelming task - it plays a significant role in our everyday lives with much science placed into the design and manufacturing process, this is why you need to think outside the box.

For example, fruits need a more durable plastic bag to transport them, dry foods need a tamper-proof box to retain its freshness and French fries and hamburgers need a package that can retain heat. Let’s talk about the specific requirements for each market and the packaging solutions that we at The International Group of Companies can offer.

Packaging is the interface between the producer and the consumer - so it needs to be communicating the right message.

Food Packaging Designed for the Agricultural Market

Farmers and crop growers need packaging for food that is designed to carry heavy produce such as fruit and vegetables. These packaging requirements require the use of a more durable material, intended to offer endurance to move them from transport right through to your fruit bowl and your fridge.

The International Group of Companies offers crop growers and farmers the use of woven polyethylene bags and polypropylene pockets. Bags and pockets are woven or knitted using a tough thermoplastic polymer known as polypropylene. Polypropylene is ideally suited for fresh produce allowing adequate aeration and eliminating rot arising from condensation. They are the most widely utilized products of our range and are favoured in this sector of the agricultural market for many reasons, namely their cost effectiveness in large quantities and their durability when transporting fruit and vegetables. We offer these packaging solutions in these various forms:

  • Vegetable pockets (knitted)


    • Pockets made from high density food grade Polyethylene
    • Size range from 3 to 25 kg
    • Capacity strength is ensured by a pillar as well as a filler stitch
    • Colours are crop specific: green, white, yellow, orange, red, purple, mandarin and tangerine.
  • Woven bags (circular)


    • Circular woven bags are made from virgin polypropylene which has been treated with anti-UV agents to ensure prolonged existence of the bags - each bag is expected to last about three months
    • Size range from 30 by 45 cm and 72 by 120 cm
    • Colours range from blue, brown, purple and white to yellow, green, orange and red
    • Customers can purchase plain or customized designed printed bags.
  • Vegetable pockets (woven)


    • Woven pockets are made from virgin polypropylene
    • Sizes range from: 10 kg and 25 kg
    • Colours are crop specific: green, red, brown purple and white

Packaging for Food Designed to Meet the Needs of the Industrial Market

Packaging design intended for the industrial market is the science and art of offering its products physical food safety and protection, enclosing, preserving and product labelling for distribution and sales. Take a look at our exceptional range:

  • Cardboard and paper packaging


    • Cardboard cartons and boxes come in a variety of sizes - for fruit and vegetable packaging,
    • Egg trays - various sizes are provided
    • Paper bags - for potato and charcoal packaging
  • Soft plastic food packaging - used by butchers and grocers throughout South Africa. Our trusted range includes the following:


    • Plastic bags (butcher, handy, ice, mini grip, vegetable, fruit and many more)
  • Plastic bottles and lids (250ml - 2 litre)

Food Packaging that Provides Convenience to the Commercial Food Market

In today’s busy lifestyle, convenience and affordability are met with our range of polystyrene products. Hot dogs, hamburgers, toasted sandwiches, curry and rice, Chinese food, coffee and other hot or cold beverages are all examples of the kinds of food in the fast food and catering industry that benefit from the durability and insulating properties of polystyrene. At The International Group of Companies you can expect an outstanding high quality and economical range of fomo packaging that is guaranteed to meet your high quality standards:

    • Fomo trays, containers
    • Fomo cups (125ml - 350ml)
    • Seedling trays supplied to the agricultural industry


Consumers get to enjoy the benefits of sturdy and strong polystyrene food service containers and cups in the following ways:

  • Excellent heat retention
  • Hygienic and safe qualities
  • Keeps food fresher
  • Lightweight and cheap to transfer
  • Recycling value


At The International Group of Companies we are responsible for the development of food packaging that you can trust to keep your food safe and feel good about eating. We balance important safety issues, satisfy demanding industry regulations and meet agricultural, industrial and commercial customer food packaging requirements. Trust the experts at The International Group of Companies; we are the food packaging suppliers who deliver top quality packaging for food across a wide range of food categories and industries.