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Bird Netting

Bird Netting Uses And Benefits

The International Group of Companies in South Africa manufactures and supplies bird netting also known as shade netting.

Bird Netting For Commercial Usage

Bird netting is often used at restaurants offering outdoor seating. Not only does quality bird netting provide the required level of shade with the benefit of still allowing enough airflow and sun in, but it also protects customers and food against birds and the unwelcome droppings. Pest birds often cause tremendous embarrassment to restaurant owners and sometimes also fly into the restaurant where they cause havoc. With bird netting it is possible to prevent messy birds from taking over while customers can also have the benefit of shade.

Bird Netting For Crop Farming

Another instance where bird nettingcomes in handy is at crop farms. Birds can cause severe crop damage and when it becomes all important to have export quality fruits and vegetables, commercial farmers prefer the bird netting options available from us.

Instead of using violent measures or even poison, farmers invest in bird netting that protects against bird invasion. The bird netting is strong, durable, and weather resistant and provides enough protection for the plants against the sun while allowing for enough airflow and light to ensure good crops. With bird netting seedlings can be protected and losses caused by birds can be minimized. Not only birds, but also butterflies, rabbits and grasshoppers can be excluded from the crop area.

Bird netting is thus a cost-effective method of exclusion while it doesn’t prevent essential pollinating insects from getting to the plants. The flexible knotted bird netting available from us is also used at bridges, office complexes, shopping malls, parking structures, and loading docks where birds may cause problems.

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