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The International
Group of Companies
A Market Leader in Plastic Textiles

Variety of Packaging Boxes made from Cardboard

Greengrocers, supermarkets, farmers, exporters and even furniture removal companies all have one thing in common – they need packaging boxes that can be recycled, is affordable and are high in quality. Perfect for fruit and vegetable packaging as well as moving your furniture, these cartons are supplied in a variety of sizes by The International Group of Companies who are the leaders in the field. If you want to see this for yourself then visit their website and look at their extensive product range that also includes shade cloth, hardware, pocket and bags, twines and moulded plastics. 
Every farmer knows that you can’t mix your apples with your pears and that’s why if you browse the International Group’s product catalogue, you’ll see that every fruit and vegetable has its own packaging boxes. This is ideal for the local market and for exporting fresh produce like South African grapes, citrus fruit, pome fruit, and stone fruit. Tomatoes can be stored in boxes of different sizes according to their weight of 2kg, 5kg or 7kg. Vegetables that are mostly stored in these boxes are beans, cucumbers and lettuce. The International Group also manufactures paper bags for potatoes and plastic bags for beetroot, carrots, celery and other veggies. 

In recent years, the International Group have spread their wings by developing a hardware range. Now supermarkets can also get their supply of trolleys, pallet jacks, tarpaulins, packaging machines, protective clothing and tarpaulins from the same place they buy their packaging.

For superior service and a wide range of products including packaging boxescontact the International Group of Companies and place your order with a friendly consultant today. You will be astounded by their knowledge and insight of the agricultural, domestic and industrial industry and they’ll supply you with all the textile products that you need at a price that you can afford.