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Leading Packaging Companies In Gauteng Offer An Excellent Range Of Products

The International Group of Companies, although located in the North West Province, is one of the most prominent packaging companies, Gauteng based businesses purchase from. The company has been around for more than 60 years and has over the years developed a wide product range.

Competitive pricing and superior customer care services as well as superior products have contributed to the growth of the company into one of the leading plastics and packaging companies supplying to Gauteng food suppliers, take-away businesses, wholesalers, catering companies, municipalities, and packaging companies.

As a mainly Black owned company it is also one the leading BEE packaging companies not only in the North West, but also Gauteng and other provinces of South Africa. The company employees more than a 1000 workers and is steered by a large team of highly qualified operational and strategic managers committed to quality.

It is understandable that the International Group of Companies would become one of the largest packaging companies in the North West and Gauteng. It consists of three major players in the industry:

  • Brits Bag Manufacturers known as B.B.M.
  • Landpak
  • International Bag Buyers known as IBB


The company is one of the leading manufacturers of woven polypropylene bags including that of vegetable bags. In addition B.B.M. also manufactures low density polyethylene fence droppers which are fire resistant.


The High Density Polyethylene knitted vegetable packet company forming part of International Group of Companies, Landpak, is one of the largest agricultural packaging companies not only in Gauteng, but the whole of South Africa. The company is also in the process of expanding its range to ensure that shade cloths will in future form a large part of its product stable. Landpak is already a leading supplier of polypropylene twines.


As the marketing division of Landpak and B.B.M, the company has more than six decades of experience in market expansion. The company is also a leading trader in hardware and packaging products in the industrial, wholesale, agricultural and commercial sectors.

Products that you can expect from the best packaging companies Gauteng has to offer include that of cardboard and paper packaging, fomo products, soft plastic packaging, as well as a range of miscellaneous packaging products such as tags, stickers, crates, tapes and dispensers as well as plastic rolls, to name but a few of the products available.

Packaging Categories

In the cardboard and paper category, products such as egg trays, paper bags for potatoes, cardboard cartons and charcoal packaging can be purchased. In terms of fomo products, the International Group of Companies produces fomo cups, trays, and containers in addition to seedling trays. Plastic butcher, ice, vegetable and fruit bags also form a large part of the soft plastic packaging product stable of which plastic plant bags as well as a variety of plastic bottles in the range of 250 ml to 2 litres are rather popular. Whether you require wrapping film, pallets, dispensers, crates, staplers, stickers or fastening equipment such can also be purchased in bulk from the International Group of Companies at competitive prices.

The quality of products is superior. Take for example the knitted vegetable pockets available. The pockets are made from high density polyethylene and are available in sizes ranging from 2-25 kg. Since specific colours are associated with various agricultural crops, bags are manufactured accordingly to include orange, green, yellow, tangerine, mandarin, red, white and purple. Two types of stitches are used such as the filler and the pillar stitch. The pillar stitch is used for HDPE monofilament while the filler is used for the HDPE flat tap.

When it comes to packaging companies in Gauteng, the International Group of Companies should be the first choice because of range, track record, quality, customisation and customer service.