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Superior Food Packaging Material For The South African Market

Polystyrene is one of the preferred materials used for food packaging, not only in South Africa, but also in Europe and the USA. Polystyrene has several excellent qualities which make it suitable for food storage. It has been used by food outlets, governments, schools and camp organisers for well over forty years.

As such one can see that polystyrene is well trusted in the industries. Hospitals use polystyrene cups at the water outlets because of the sanitary qualities of the product. Soup kitchen organizers know how important food safety is and for them the best material for holding food is polystyrene.

There are a number of other reasons why polystyrene is popular as food packaging material, some of which will be discussed below.

Economical Value

If cost effective products are used for the packaging of food at for instance, fast food outlets, then the consumer benefits because of lower prices on the food. The outlet owner pays less on packaging and can thus realise more profits. With that then the lower cost associated with making, transportation and storage of polystyrene based food packaging helps to keep consumer inflation lower.


When a food delivery service has to deliver for instance, a large order of burgers on a scooter the weight of the packaging material will make a difference. Because the products are so lightweight, fuel consumption in the transportation thereof will also be lower. When one starts to count all the savings, it becomes apparent that many of the hidden costs associated with food packaging can be kept to a minimum by making use of fomo products for packaging. Less than 6% of the material consists of actual material since the rest consists of air.


Polystyrene is rather durable because of it stability properties. This ensures the product doesn’t lose its shape because of humidity and as such it is the ideal material to use for the making of beverage cups to be used on the road.

Recycle Value

Polystyrene is one of the most recycled products. As such, wastage is minimized which in turn is good for the economy and the environment.

Storage Benefits

Because the material is lightweight and most of the items fit into each other, less storage space is required. The food packaging material can be stored for a long time and still be completely usable. This ensures that retailers can order large quantities at bulk prices and store the products until needed. In effect the retailer can buy polystyrene food packaging material at a low price and even though costs go up during the course of the year, still be able to pack the food in containers bought at a lower price.

Other Materials

The International Group of Companies is a leading supplier of fomo food packaging materials in South Africa. In addition, products such as woven and knitted bags are made for packaging of vegetables and fruits. The knitting is strong ensuring that no ripping or tearing takes place. This is essential to ensure that products packaged look amazing, are safe from damage, and can be transported with ease at the lowest possible cost.

Other food packaging materials available include that of plastic bags with holes as well as egg trays. When it comes to quality, pricing, availability and services delivery, the name International Group of Companies stands out. The company consists of LANDPAK, Brits Bag Manufacturers and International Bag Buyers, making it one of the largest suppliers of packaging material in South Africa.

With an extensive range on offer ranging from plastic to woven bags, polystyrene products and moulded plastics, IGC is able to supply in many food packaging material requirements.