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IGC Packaging Company Consists Of Three Main Companies In South Africa

The International Group of Companies is a packaging company in South Africa that employees more than a 1000 people. It is a black owned company with its origins more than six decades ago.

The packaging company’s product range is extensive and includes:

  • Hardware – Protective Clothing, Machines, Implements and Tools.
  • Moulded Plastic – Polyethylene Pipes, Fencing Droppers, and more.
  • Shade Cloth - Supershade, Buildershade, Agrishade.
  • Packaging – Cardboard & Paper, Soft Plastics, Fomo Pack and various.
  • Pockets & Bags- Knitted Vegetable Pockets, Woven Vegetable Pockets, Woven Bags.
  • Twines – Net Twine, Washing Line, Lacing Cord.

The International Group Of Companies Consists Of Three Main Packaging Companies In South Africa:

  • LandPak
  • International Bag Buyers (IBB)
  • Brits Bag Manufacturers (BBM)


LandPak is located in Brits and is the company that produces UV stabilised, high density polyethylene shade cloths called Agrishade. The product is exceptionally strong and features lock stitching for optimal strength. Shade factors of 20-80% are offered and the shade cloth comes in 50 metre rolls, fully customizable to client needs. It is used for the protection of plants against weather elements, but is also used for the protection of animals against such.

LandPak furthermore produces Super Shade cloth that acts as shading and as protection of assets in an outdoor environment. It comes in various colours and has a high density shade character to prevent UV rays from damaging property in commercial, domestic and industrial settings.  It can be used for vehicle parking, industrial storage and for shade ports at for instance, resorts.

The third main product from LandPak is that of Builder Shade cloth, made specifically for the needs of the construction industry. It is used in the mining industries as well. The builder shade is applied in ventilation control, crowd control, erosion control, sand reclamation, protective barrier and skirting material.

International Bag Buyers – Packaging Products

The packaging company offers a range of packaging products. It is also the oldest part of the International Group of Companies and is the marketing arm. The company trades in more than 6000 packaging and hardware products used in commerce and industry.

Packaging products include products such as soft plastics in the form of plastic bottles and their lids in the 250 ml to 2 litre range in addition to plastic plant bags, as well as butcher, ice, mini grip, fruit, and vegetable bags

A wide range of other products are also traded in such as wrapping film, crates, plastic rolls, pallet packaging, dispensers and fastener equipment.

Brits Bag Manufacturers

It is the packaging company forming part of the International Group of Companies that focuses on agricultural and commercial packaging needs. Products such as woven polypropylene bags and vegetable pockets are supplied in addition to fence droppers and polyethylene piping.

The range of WPP bags as well as vegetable pockets is extensive and includes for instance, knitted vegetable pockets made from High Density Polyethylene. Bag sizes range from 2 to 5 kg and are made in colours to fit various crops.

The woven vegetable pockets are made from virgin polypropylene and come in sizes ranging from ten to 25 kg. The range also comes in crop specific colours such as red, brown, purple, green and white.

The circular woven bags supplied by the packaging company are made from virgin polypropylene and have been treated to have a minimum lifespan of three months. The range includes various sizes and comes in numerous colours.

Agriculture, commerce and industry have come to rely on the excellent packaging products priced competitively as available from this formidable and growing packaging company in South Africa.