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The International
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A Market Leader in Plastic Textiles

Packaging Industry

IGC As Packaging Industry Leader Manufactures Affordable Packaging Material

The International Group of Companies is a formidable player in the South African packaging industryincluding in the category of box supply. The company focuses on high quality, yet affordable materials to ensure that the client will always have the benefit of low prices and locally produced products.

With the composition of the company consisting of three large players in the packaging industry, the company is also a large employer. With enough staff and large manufacturing plants located in the heart of Gauteng, the company has developed systems to ensure streamlined production of materials such as boxes to fit customer requirements.

Because of the size of the company and good standing in the packing industry IGC can negotiate low prices on the raw materials used in the manufacturing of the packaging materials. This ensures affordable pricing without ever having to compromise on quality and the constant product supply to agriculture, commerce, and industry.

Affordable Packaging

With an extensive range to meet just about every packaging requirement, IGC has grown to be one of the most trusted suppliers in the packaging industry. From cardboard and paper packaging products such as boxes for vegetables to fomo packaging used extensively in the food industries in addition to soft plastics form part of the extensive product range.

In addition to the main categories of products which have made IGC famous in the packaging industry, products such as tags, crates, staplers, tape and wrapping film are also available in bulk and priced extremely well.


One of the products often overlooked when thinking of affordable packaging is that of twine. It is used to tie the bags available from IGC. When selecting twine, it is imperative to inspect the quality and compatibility with the specific polypropylene materials. Twines are available in high density and low density options suitable for specific bags. It is essential to select twine of the same density as the bags to ensure adequate strength for the particular weight that will be carried or moved once the bag is filled.

IGC supplies twine in rolls of 20 to 4000 metre according to the width of the twine. The agricultural industry makes extensive use of the smallest width while the lace cord type is used for shading and the 4mm size can be used in washing lines for maximum durability.

Twine is made up of polypropylene strands which have been woven specifically to ensure that the optimal weight can be carried without putting too much strength on the twine and thus risking the possibility of breakage. True to the commitment of the company as a leader in the packaging industry, to manufacture products that are suitable for various industries, the twine is also available in numerous colours.

Fomo Products

The packaging industry would be less developed if it hadn’t been for the production of a large range of fomo products used in the medical, food and catering industries. Apart from the high hygiene qualities of the fomo products, heat retaining qualities and recycle characteristics make the products excellent for food packaging. Fomo can be processed with ease, is cost effective to produce and is stable. With very little risk of shape changes with heat application, fomo is exceptionally strong and stable. This ensures that hot beverages can be packaged in fomo.

Disposable cups with lids, egg trays, fruit and vegetable as well as meat trays are made from fomo in addition to food plates, fast –food boxes and seedling trays. The packaging industry in South Africa is well developed thanks to the commitment of companies such as IGC to produce affordable materials suitable for a wide range of applications.