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How to Select a Quality Food Packaging Supplier

Quality food packaging is a must to ensure freshness, safety and usability of fruits, vegetables and meats. The material used should be appropriate for the specific type of produce and should be sturdy enough to handle the occasional bumps. In addition, it is essential that the packaging will be cost effective.

Selection of the Food Packaging Supplier

With the above in mind, one needs to carefully select the packaging supplier. You will want to know that the company will provide quality food packaging material. For such, review their history and also do a search on the Internet for any negative comments about the company.

Product Stable

The next important consideration regarding quality food packaging material when shopping for an appropriate supplier is the types of packaging material available from them. It is more cost effective to use only one supplier. As such you will want a supplier that can provide in all your food packaging needs.

Company Location

Consider the location of the food packaging company. It is better to purchase local because you will save on import taxes. In addition, you will know that the products will be made according to the high safety and quality standards for the South African market. With a local company you have the benefit of the Consumer Protection Act as protection against poor service delivery, quality and false advertising.

Easier Communication

A local supplier will be closer and easier to communicate with. Long distance international communication can lead to misunderstandings and if you are in a hurry, you will not want to wait three to six weeks for delivery of the packaging materials. In addition, by purchasing local, you support job creation and thus help to grow the economy.

Low Pricing

Costing is another consideration when looking for a quality food packaging company. It hardly makes sense to pay high prices for packaging material, irrespective of the quality. The idea is to keep costs low as to realize more profits while also offering competitive prices to the consumer. This is only possible if the packaging is priced low.

Stability of the Supplier

It is essential to select a company that has been around for a couple of years and shows growth. If you go through the trouble to get a reliable food packaging supplier, you will want to know that they will be there next year and the year after that. Review the company profile. Any company that has been around for more than ten years shows stability, but you will also want to know that they are growing. For this also review their profile.

Solution Provided

Now that you know what to look for, you can review the company profile of the International Group of Companies. The company has been around for 60 plus years and shows excellent growth. As a local packaging producer, the excellent prices and high quality packaging materials can be expected. The International Group of Companies is a large employer and as such contributes to the economic welfare of the country.

True to the commitment of superior service delivery and production in line with environmental regulations, the company ensures safe, durable, products of which many can be recycled. The product stable is equally impressive ensuring suitable packaging material for almost any type of food produce.

Clients come from the agricultural, retail, large commerce and industry. As such supply entails plastics, polystyrene, cardboard, woven vegetable and fruit bags and fast food packaging products. Get cost effective and high quality food packaging from the leading supplier in South Africa. We believe in long term relationship building and thus ensure excellent client relationships.