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Packaging Companies in South Africa

Background on the Some of the Best Packaging Companies in South Africa

When browsing for bulk packaging companies in South Africa look for ones that offer a wide range of products. It is always better to purchase in bulk from one supplier since such will ensure lower prices and the chance to build a relationship with the supplier.

Why Bulk Buying?

Pricing is perhaps the most important reason for bulk purchases. The International Group of Companies is the direct manufacturer of products such as woven vegetable pockets, cardboard and paper products and a range of fomo packaging material. As such we supply in bulk and with that then companies or farmers ordering large quantities from us, benefit from the huge savings, warranties, and service delivery.

Types of Products

Because the International Group of Companies consists of three companies each specializing in a specific need regarding plastics, shading, and packaging, we are able to produce an extraordinary range of products. This makes us one of the preferred suppliers of packaging products in South Africa.

Service History

Another consideration when browsing for packaging companies in South Africa is the track record of the company. If the business has been established with a proven track record of superior product delivery, it will be the type of company with which you will want to build a long-term relationship.

The International Group of Companies fits the profile of a well established manufacturer of quality packaging products in South Africa. With more than 60 years in the industry and more than 1000 employees, we have proven that we are here to stay and to ensure the growth of the packaging industry. We welcome new clients, but also appreciate existing ones.

For us it is not a once off relationship. We want to ensure that every bulk buyer is happy with our products and services as well as prices. This commitment to client service ensures returning customers who then become loyal clients. We value our clients and it is evident in everything we do.

Background on the International Group of Companies

Our background is provided below to give you an indication of why and how we can meet your bulk packaging requirements.

The International Group of Companies (IGC) consists of three companies:

  • Landpak
  • Brits Bag Manufacturers (BBM)
  • International Bag Buyers (IBB)


Landpak has a strong focus on agricultural related packaging material including that of:

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pockets in the form of vegetable bags.
  • Twines
  • Shade cloth suitable for usage in the farming sector as well as for commercial, domestic and industrial usage.


Brits Bag Manufacturers (BBM)

The company focuses on a range of products for the commercial and agricultural sectors with products such as:

  • Woven polypropylene bags
  • Polyethylene piping in various sizes
  • Low density polyethylene fence droppers
  • Woven polypropylene vegetable bags


International Bag Buyers (BB)

The oldest of the three packaging companies in South Africa, is also the marketing division of the International Group of companies and trades in various industrial, commercial and agricultural related packaging products. The range extends to more than 6000 different products.

With such a strong base, we are able to supply in the packaging needs of the industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors of South Africa. Also a fully BEE company, we are proud of our contributions to the economic growth of the country.

Get the best products and services to ensure that when harvest time comes that you will be prepared to package products for the market in high quality bags.

When thus browsing for long term supplier and packaging companies in South Africa, consider the values, product ranges, prices, and services offered by the company. If such cannot weigh up to what we offer, you know that we welcome your interest.