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Quality Packaging Materials

Select Quality Packaging Materials to Protect Agricultural Produce

It is essential to make use of quality packaging materials to prevent damage to the products. Whether you need to pack vegetables, fruits, eggs or hardware products, damage should be prevented to ensure that the customer at the end of the day will buy quality.

It becomes even more essential to select high quality packaging materials when planning on export. Even the slightest damage to produce will mean that the produce doesn’t make the export grade. Most damage occurs during transport from the original location and source to the market, whilst a lot of damage also occurs at the selling point because of rough handling.

Consumers want to buy neatly packed produce and have come to associate certain colour packaging with certain crops. It is thus also essential to select packaging materials in the right colour, size and of course ensuring that the adhesives or stitching of the material will be strong enough to carry the weight.

Supplier Selection

Keeping the above in mind also give careful consideration to the supplier of the materials. You will want to ensure, especially when buying in bulk that the supplier will give the best possible prices without any compromise on quality. As such select a local supplier with a proven track record and one that complies with the warranty regulations of the Consumer Protection Act.

Local vs. Imports

Cost savings must be compared to the time it takes to manufacture the packaging materials, the availability of material and the cost of delivery. When purchasing from local manufacturers, the time it takes to get the materials as well as the compliance with packaging standards and the Consumer Protection Act outweigh any benefits of import. With import duties, delivery delays and communication problems, one can hardly afford a shipment problem.

Types of Quality Packaging Materials Available from the International Group of Companies

The materials are made according to the packaging purpose and as such, appropriate raw materials are selected and processed to carry specific products and weights. A few examples of such available from the International Group of Companies are briefly discussed below.

Vegetable Pockets

We manufacture three main types of vegetable pockets:

  • Knitted
  • Woven
  • Circular woven


Knitted Bags

Pockets in the size range of 2 to 25kg according to crop colour are made from virgin high density polyethylene and filler as well as pillar stitched for extra strength.


Bags are weaved using virgin polypropylene with adhesives being a polypropylene monofilament and tape. The bags are made in 10 and 25 kg sizes whilst colour options range from white, brown and purple to green and red.

Circular Woven

The bags a circular woven through the use of virgin polypropylene and the addition of UV protection agents to ensure a minimum lifespan of three months. Various sizes are available and custom printing can be done on the bags. Colours such as purple, yellow, white, orange, red, blue and green as well as black are available.

Fomo Packaging

We provide a superb range of high quality fomo packaging materials used by the fast-food and medical industries as well as egg farmers and nurseries.  The product range includes seedling, egg and fomo trays, as well as cups and containers.

Soft Packaging

From butcher and ice bags to mini transparent vegetable, and plant bags are available in addition to a range of plastic bottles and lids.

The above are, but a small sample of our range of quality packaging materials. Don’t compromise on packaging and display as such will mean less sales and also losses because of damage to the products.