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Ideal Packing Materials for Any Task

At one time, the only ideal packing materials available to use were paper and cardboard and we used these for everything from transporting food to wrapping parcels having little else at our disposal. Today the range of packaging products is vast and there appears to be something that has been purpose-designed to meet just about every such requirement. Perhaps the most widely used substance in use today to contain products that range from pork chops and chicken breasts to TV Sets, is a petroleum derivative known as polystyrene.

Perhaps not one of the more ideal packing materials since it is completely resistant to bio-degradation; its annual usage still amounts to billions of kilograms. It is a tough plastic that it is easily moulded or extruded at relatively low temperatures and can be shaped with ease. The expanded form is manufactures from individual beads and the resulting blocks are easily machined to accommodate the most intricately-shaped items to perfection and shield them from the risk of damage that might otherwise result from rough handling while in transit.

The insulating properties of this almost ideal packing material have led to a range of other common uses. Fast foods such as burgers and French fries, like soup and hot drinks remain warm when served in polystyrene foam containers which are equally as efficient in maintaining the temperature of cold drinks and ice cream. It is often used to form an insulating layer in double-walled mugs and similar vessels that then have the added advantage of being re-usable.

As handy for home use as in commercial applications, polystyrene loose-fill chips really are an ideal packing material for cushioning delicate items such as crockery and glassware contained in cardboard cartons or boxes that are to be entrusted to the post or a courier service for delivery purposes. Another plastic in widespread daily use takes the form of a thin film that is normally transparent and that is perfect for wrapping food items that, while they need protection from atmospheric and other sources of contamination, also need to remain clearly visible in order for the customers to inspect them.

One of the other ideal packing materials that has become very popular is bubble wrap. It is a highly pliable and transparent plastic product in which air-filled bubbles are enclosed between plastic layers. The bubbles act as an effective cushion to absorb shocks and protect any item wrapped in it. One very common use of this bubble wrap is to form a shock-absorbing protective lining inside tough paper envelopes that may then be confidently used in order to post small but more delicate items such as CDs and DVDs.

Moulded plastic also serves as an ideal packing material and appears to have gained widespread popularity with the manufacturers of small various toys, electronic components, mobile telephones, digital cameras and similarly-sized products. Small items such as these are easily sealed within an appropriately moulded plastic bubble that is held in position by means of stiff cardboard sheets. The latter will, typically, serve to carry all of the branding and instructions and, in many cases, will also provide the means to suspend the packaged product from the merchandiser’s display stand.

Specialising in the supply of other ideal packing materials, The International Group of Companies has a comprehensive range of products to offer those tasked with the preparation, transport, storage and sale of a wide variety of items including perishable foodstuffs. The company has been in business for more than 60 years and its longevity can be directly attributed to its twin policies of maintaining extremely competitive prices and focusing all its efforts on providing the most professional and efficient customer support possible in all of its dealings.
Among the ideal packing materials it offers are cardboard boxes and cartons, paper bags and wrapping as well as a very extensive range of Styrofoam containers.