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Food Packaging

Food Packaging In All Materials, Shapes And Sizes!

The requirements of the food packaging industry are vast and varied. Food packaging is needed from source to outlet and both farmers and retailers demand a quality food packaging product that is convenient, cost effective and durable. The International Group of Companies has been in the packaging industry for over 60 years and more than qualified to provide all types of food packaging for all types of applications.

Food Packaging For Crop Growers

Crop growers who grow everything from fruit to potatoes need food packaging that suits their particular produce. Hardy items like potatoes, oranges and butternuts require strong bags that are big and won’t break. We supply knitted and woven polyethylene and polypropylene pockets for this kind of produce. For fruit and vegetables that bruise easily we manufacture various cardboard boxes which will ensure that the produce is protected during transportation to market. Fomo packaging tray and cups are popular as well for fruit that needs to be packed individually.

Food Packaging For Retailers

Food, fruit and vegetables often need to pack into containers that will make customers lives easier. Big bags of fruit and vegetables that come directly from crop growers will need to be repacked for resale in supermarkets and stores.  Our range of plastic bags, fomo products and cardboard boxes are ideal for packaging food and are attractive, convenient, strong and versatile. Fast food outlets and grocery stores also require packaging for food that is cost effective and hardy. Our fomo product range is ideal for this application. This material has the added benefit of hot or cold retention properties.

The International Group of Companies provides packaging for all sectors of the society who need strong, cost effective packaging whether it is for use in factories or farms or in shops and fast food outlets. Contact The International Group of Companies to find out more about our food packaging products and other superior products.