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Affordable Packaging Materials

Affordable Packaging Materials Vital to Business Profitability

It is certainly true to say that, in today’s market, many high priced items often have very little more, and sometimes considerably less, intrinsic value than the boxes in which they are displayed. The high level of demand serves to elevate prices in accordance with basic economic principles and, as long as consumers find such items affordable by some means, they are seldom interested in the cost of the packaging materials. Most of those that buy such items are actually influence by the attractive appearance of bottles or cartons and remain largely unaware of and indifferent to the savings that might result from the use of cheaper alternatives.

While this may apply to products such as cosmetics, for instance, it is certainly not true in a great many other industries where margins are often maintained at fairly tight levels. In such cases it then becomes essential for producers to keep their costs at a minimum.

Understanding and Meeting the Needs of South Africa’s Growers

One of the industries in which this practice is particularly pertinent is agriculture. Farmers and owners of smallholdings, both vital for the nation’s nutritional needs, face an ongoing battle with rising oil prices. The regular price hikes dictate not just a parallel and often disproportionate increase in the cost of running diesel transportation and machinery but in the cost of fertilizer also. Rising labour costs, though long overdue in many cases, have also not helped to improve margins and growers remain constantly anxious to save every cent wherever it is possible.

When it comes to the pockets and bags that will be used in transporting various crops to the wholesaler, growers need a reliable product that will ensure vegetables and fruits remain fresh and undamaged while, at the same time, wanting the best possible value in return for their money.

For the most affordable packaging manufactured to the highest standards and from the toughest and most dependable materials, many of South Africa’s growers, as well as others that form part of the supply chain, now depend solely on one well-established company to meet these needs.

Long Experience and Enviable Standards

The International Group is a trio of companies with an enviable reputation. The fact that it has survived and thrived to serve its clients for more than 6 decades is certainly a fact that should engender trust. Today, this is a company that still whole-heartedly embraces the old-fashioned and often neglected concept of providing sound customer service. Now a wholly black-owned operation with a staff of over a thousand, it remains prepared to go the extra mile and to provide the level of satisfaction that is so important for building lasting relationships.

Top quality raw materials, efficient manufacturing processes and stringent quality control are all factors essential to maintaining far more than just market share. The Group fully embraces these important policies and, in doing so, ensures that is able to maintain affordable prices and that the performance of each of its packaging products meets or exceeds that promised.

The company’s target market extends beyond the needs of growers and in addition to the woven and knitted polypropylene bags for the transport and sale of fresh produce. It also addresses the needs of those whose business is the preparation and sale of cooked food and consumables on a commercial scale. While a restaurant or café is still likely to serve up food on china plates and tea or coffee in a cup and saucer, the fast food industry, for whom a high proportion of business is conducted on a takeaway basis, must, of necessity, resort to the use of disposables. Here, the material of choice is often polystyrene foam both for the dishes and trays used for hamburgers, chicken portions or French fries and the cups for all manner of beverages from coffee and hot chocolate to cool drinks.