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The Role of the Food Packaging Distributor

In times past, our food was not supplied in the convenient and often very sophisticated packaging that we take for granted today. The role of the manufacturer and distributor of such products was, accordingly, a far more limited one with brown paper bags, wrapping paper, string and carrier bags constituting the only such products for which there was a significant demand.

Today, the combination of a rapidly growing population of consumers, the ability to store consumables for much longer with efficient refrigeration and the limited amount of free time that the average working citizen now has available for domestic pursuits like cooking have led to changing needs. In the efforts to meet those new needs, the various industries have responded by offering the convenience of entire pre-prepared meals, boil-in-the-bag savoury rice, cartons of ready-made soup and even grated cheddar or mozzarella. For those with even less time to cook and happy to allocate the task for a price, to a nearby burger joint, Sushi bar, Chinese takeaway, pizza parlour or vetkoek paleis.

The increased demand has created the need for a correspondingly increased supply. In turn, the call for more convenience has presented a strong challenge to the imagination and ingenuity of the designers of food packaging and the distributors of these products. From an industry in which there was once very little quality control, those responsible for feeding the nation today are now bound by some fairly stringent health and safety legislation. The new laws are designed to ensure that acceptable standards of quality and hygiene are maintained right from the initial production process to the eventual delivery.

The International Group is made up of a trio of companies that have been serving the South African market for more than 60 years. In recent times it has succeeded in meeting these tough challenges, head on, with a range of innovative and superior quality products designed to benefit growers and manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and thus, ultimately, the consumers as well.

Among the most widely used and appreciated of the Group’s products is its range of bags and pockets that are woven or knitted using the tough thermoplastic polymer known as polypropylene. The products with an open mesh structure are ideally suited for fresh produce allowing adequate aeration and eliminating rot arising from condensation. A woven product for transport of dry goods such as pet food or building materials lacks the porous structure but can be printed. Generally these products are colour-coded to indicate the contents. 

While the needs of farmers and horticulturalists continue to form a large part of the Group’s client base, it is also devoted to meeting the changing demands of those directly more concerned with the sale of fresh, processed and prepared food. With its growing range of high quality specialised packaging products, the International Group acts in the multiple roles of a manufacturer, a procurer and a nationwide distributor.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, curry and rice, coffee and other hot or cold beverages are all examples of products offered by the numerous takeaway establishments that now benefit from the superior hygiene, durability and insulating properties of polystyrene. These expanded foam products include trays, cups and bowls supplied by the Group while the same raw material also serves to provide the chips commonly used to protect breakables during transit as well as to manufacture the partitioned trays in which gardening enthusiasts and nurseries now grow their seedlings.

Other plastic products on offer are bags for butcheries and bottles and lids for cool drink manufacturers while the Group also caters for the situations in which paper or cardboard are better adapted to the purpose. In this category, food packaging products from this distributor include cartons and boxes for the transport and display of soft fruits and selected vegetables such as mushrooms along with egg trays and reinforced paper bags for potatoes.