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Leading Plastic Packaging Manufacturers in South Africa

The International Group of Companies is one of the leading plastic packaging manufacturers in South Africa and has a track record spanning more than 60 years. We are renowned in the industry for superior quality service and products. Our prices are highly competitive and we are also known for setting benchmarks in the industry for other plastic manufacturers to follow.

We are a Black Economic Empowered company with a staff of 600 and manufacture a wide range of plastic packaging materials. The IGC consists of four well-known companies.


The first of all the companies in IGC, Landpak was the original manufacturing company of the IGC and one that has made inroads in the agricultural sector of South Africa. The focus of the company is on High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) knitted vegetable pockets and twines made from polypropylene. The company has also extended its product range to include the making of superior quality shade cloth for applications in the industrial, agricultural, and commercial industries. Landpak is known for low pricing, yet, highly functional and superior quality products.

Brits Bag Manufacturers

Brits Bag Manufacturers (B.B.M.) also focuses on commercial and agricultural plastic packaging needs. The core products offered are PP vegetable pockets, WPP bags, and LDPE fire resistant fence droppers.

International Bag Buyers

The third company that makes up IGC is International Bag Manufacturers (IBB). The company brings over 60 years marketing experience to the table in addition to trading in over 6000 listed plastic packaging materials used in commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications.

With our extensive portfolio of plastic related products, we have become one of the preferred plastic packaging manufacturers in the country.

Why Buy from IGC?

We offer bulk supply of high quality products that can withstand the harsh weather and transport conditions of South Africa. Our warranties are superb and we are focused on client service. Prices are extremely competitive allowing for the realisation of more profit at the end of the day for the crop producer and wholesale packaging supplier.

Types of Products Offered

Some of the packaging products that we supply are briefly discussed below.

Knitted Vegetable Pockets

The pockets made from HDPE are available in sizes ranging from 2-25 kg and come in a variety of colours according to crop usage. The courses per cm are according to customer needs and we manufacture the pockets through the pillar stitch on the HDPE monofilament and the filler stitch on the HDPE flat trap.

Woven Vegetable Pockets

We supply in bulk woven vegetable pockets manufactured from PP in sizes 10-25 kg in a variety of crop specific colours. The adhesion is through the use of polypropylene tape and monofilament.

Circular Woven Bags

The WPP bags are made from PP that has anti-UV additives added to prolong the lifespan of the bags to a minimum of three months. The bags are supplied in sizes from 30 by 45 cm to 72 by 120 cm. The bags are available in custom print according to client requirements or as plain WPP bags.

Fomo Packaging

We supply a range of fomo trays, containers, and cups for usage in the food industry in addition to seedling trays.

Soft Plastic Packaging

Products include that of bottles and lids, plant bags, and bags used for meat, vegetable, fruit and ice packaging in addition to the mini grips used for groceries.

We are also manufacture peripheral plastic packaging materials such as tags and stickers, tape, plastic rolls, and wrapping film.

When it comes to plastic food or agricultural packaging materials, you will want to buy from the best at the lowest prices and we fit the profile as supplier.