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Packaging Companies in Gauteng

Packaging Companies in Gauteng

There are a lot of packaging companies in Gauteng and once you’ve had a look on the internet you’ll soon understand how tough competition in this field can be.  The thing that sets one packaging company apart from another is usually the types of packaging they offer, the quantities, and the price.  Service delivery and convenience are also considerations.

Packaging come in all shapes and sizes and is designed for almost any product imaginable.  It ranges from boxes used by product manufacturers to transport their products, to pallets used for industrial purposes, to boxes used domestically for moving home. 

Sometimes a general design can fulfil a lot of functions – such as a plastic container with a sealed lid, which can be used for multiple things, and in other cases, and especially with new products, or products which are being re-launched, custom designed packing is required. 

While there are a variety of packaging companies in Gauteng who each offer their own range of packaging, these are usually standardised, and these packaging manufacturers will be limited to the production of their in-house catalogue only.  Packaging materials vary greatly, and the machinery and expertise used by packaging companies is influenced by the packing produced.  Very few packaging companies in Gauteng have the capacity and machinery available to make packaging from a large variety of materials, for instance, polystyrene and plastic packaging, as well as cardboard or aluminium.  Machinery is usually limited to some types of materials only, which in turn limits the production of packaging to certain materials only.

Even if machinery is able to product a wide variety of packaging materials, the type and design of packaging can be fairly restrictive.  Certain products are notoriously difficult to make, and other, scarcer materials are not easily available.  Re-usability and recycling is also a consideration for packaging companies.

One of the more versatile packaging companies in Gauteng, the International Group, is a market leader in plastic textiles, and consists of four specialist packaging companies, each of which bring their own expertise and resources to the process of producing just about the widest range of packaging to be found in the Gauteng area.  Their products are largely specialist agricultural packaging, such as vegetable bags, plastic plant bags and cardboard boxes for fruit and vegetables, but their range also includes many other types of non-agricultural packaging such as moulded plastic packaging and polythene piping.  In addition to their already comprehensive list of packaging types, they also provide packaging complement products such as tape, staplers, stickers and other packaging fastening equipment.  Products such as net twine and even washing lines are also produced and packaged.

As food plays such a great role in the world, huge emphasis is place on the safe delivery, freshness and convenience, not to mention sustainability.  Transport of food is imperative and suitable packaging is imperative to prevent damage.  Ultimately, the role of packaging is to keep food fresh, grouped together, free of damage.  Space can also be an issue, so the safe stacking of breakable products, e.g. eggs, is important.

Local food producers turn to the International Group for innovation, good quality products and also a professional service which will help them get their goods to market within prohibitive deadlines and prevent damage as far as possible – in short, packaging must fall in line to fit products. 

Packaging innovation is not just delivered by International Group, but companies all over the world actively participate in developing new product packaging as demands change.  For instance, there is now a demand for packaging in smaller grouping – e.g. two avocados, or four kiwi fruit.  This is better than selling individual fruit from large boxes as (1) the fruit does not bruise, (2) the packaging can be shaped to enable packing without damage, and (3) individual wrapping prevents the spread of bruising or mould.  As a result, there are some fascinating packaging product designs around these days!

New developments include active packaging – which is where the ingredients in the packaging actively affects the shelf life of the food, and intelligent packaging, which will allow packaging to carry out functions which could be considered as “intelligent”.  This would include scanning, tracing, reporting, as well as warning against possible problems, such as too high temperatures.

All of these new innovations may lead to much less waste and hopefully a saving at the consumer end.