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Packaging Suppliers Serving the South African Market

In everyday life we use containers and various other similar products without even noticing it. Packaging

suppliers provide the market with a range of options and if you are in the line of work where these types

of products are required then you are going to be concerned with the quality of the product and of

course its effectiveness. Disposal and recycling of these products must also be done in the

correct manner in order to stay in the good graces of the public as well as do your bit for the

environment. Without these products we would find transporting goods, keeping things fresh

and general hygiene especially in the food industry quite difficult tasks. The type of product

used will dictate the cost involved so make sure that you look into the various options

available to you before decide which product to invest in. Bulk supply is the best way to

ensure that you save money when purchasing these types of products.

At The International Group of Companies we manufacture a wide range of these items for you to choose from. Our

range is quite extensive and includes products made from the likes of cardboard, fomo, soft plastic, and paper and

so on. Our range is mostly enjoyed by businesses operating within the agricultural, commercial and industrial markets.  

It is important to realise that there are a number of options to choose from and you aren’t tied down to one particular choice. We supply the following products and items to the market at cost-effective rates – these should all be considered by you and your team before making a decision:

  • Cardboard and paper products – this includes various boxes and cartons that are used for packing vegetables and fruit. Paper bags in our range are commonly used for charcoal and potatoes and we also produce egg trays.
  • Fomo products – this range consists of seedling trays, Fomo cups from 125ml to 350ml sizes, and various trays and containers that range in size from 2 to 80.
  • Soft plastic products – this range includes the plastic bags that you would generally find at the grocery store, plastic bags for plants which usually range from 1 to 18.8 litres and plastic bottles with lids that range from 250ml to 2 litres.
  • Miscellaneous products – this range is quite extensive and consists of a number of versatile and top quality products. The range includes the likes of staples, tags, staplers, stickers, tape, crates, wrapping film, dispensers, pallets, plastic rolls and more.


We are located in the North West and provide our products across the country. We have over 60 years of experience on the market and are proud to know that we are the leading packaging concern in the country. We are a recognised Black Economic Empowered company and always look at ways in which to give back to the community. Our BEE status is something that we are proud of.

While we produce various plastic, fomo and cardboard products, we understand the importance of recycling and safe disposal of waste products. We also have a range of twine, shade cloths and hardware that are quite useful on the market. These items are also durable and offer value for money and undeniable product quality.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced operational managers and we actively employ over 600 people. We are focused on quality and so have various processes and systems in place to control and ensure this. When investing in any of our products it is vitally important to chat to our team about your specific requirements and to ensure that you ask any questions that might make the process involved understood to you. We are always available to assist with providing information and advice on our rage and the manufacturing process with you.

At The International Group of Companies we are focused on ensuring that our company image shines through in each successful sale and repeat customer. Only purchase products that are of an excellent quality and will be able to promote the good image of your company too. Trust the packaging suppliers that have your best interests and budget at heart – turn to The International Group of Companies for all your packaging product needs.