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The International
Group of Companies
A Market Leader in Plastic Textiles

Packaging Supplies

Providing Packaging Supplies Across The Country

The International Group of Companies prides itself on supplying a diverse customer base with a wide range of affordable packaging supplies. We are dedicated to supplying quality product at the most affordable ratesthat has the customer’s best interest and budget at heart. Because of our size and experience, the International Group of Companies has implemented systems and used its purchasing power to keep the cost of packaging supplies down to a minimum.

With over 60 years of experience in the packaging supplies industry, The International Group of Companies has built up an impressive reputation as the country’s leading plastic textile concern. We are packaging suppliers to a number of sectors including the agricultural and retail sectors of the market.  We manufacture packaging supplies as well as host of other products that include twine and shade cloth.

Our range of packaging supplies is extensive:

  • Cardboard and Paper Packaging. We manufacture a range of cardboard boxes that are used in the fruit and vegetable sectors as well as heavy duty paper bags for use by potato growers and coal manufacturers.
  • Fomo Packaging. Our Fomo packaging materials are ideal for use in the fast food industry where cups and containers that can retain heat are perfect for their product storage and serving needs.
  • Soft Plastic. We manufacture plastic tops and bottles as well as wide range of plastic bags for use in the retail industry
  • Miscellaneous Packaging Materials. This area is extensive with packaging materials including items such as staples and staplers all the way through to wrapping paper and plastic rolls.

The majority of our shareholders are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and the International Group of Companies is recognised as a BBE/ black owned company. We will continue to strive to bring affordable packaging supplies to the nation. For more information contact The International Group of Companies.