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Vegetable Packaging In South Africa

Suppliers Of The Most Durable Vegetable Packaging In South Africa

Vegetables need to be packed and transported to market in conveniently sized and strong packaging so as to ensure that the growers don’t lose money on products that have been lost or spoiled on the way. The International Group of Companies are manufacturers of quality vegetable packaging in South Africa. We have been the leaders in supplying vegetable packaging to SouthAfrica’s vegetable and fruit growing farmers for over 60 years and have built up a reputation for supplying a quality product that won’t let them down.

Whether it is butternuts or prickly pears, the International Group has vegetable packaging South African farmers and retailers rely on. Our vegetable packaging is manufactured using various different materials and come in different sizes and shapes. All or vegetable packaging is manufactured to the highest standards and our customers can be assured of consistent quality and supply. Vegetable packaging in South Africa is manufactured using anything from soft plastic to polypropylene. 

From eggs to avocados The International Group manufacture and supply the widest range of food packaging in South Africa When it comes to food packaging, Gauteng based International Group is in a league of its own. With over 60 years experience in the manufacture of packaging products we are the preferred suppliers to most sectors of the market. From farmers to fruiterers – we supply food packaging that is durable and reliable.

For those wanting to buy food packaging in South Africa the International Group has a comprehensive range of packaging options. We manufacture the following items:

  • Cardboard and Paper
  • Fomo Packaging
  • Soft Plastic
  • Miscellaneous Packaging Materials

Next time you pick up a tray of peaches or eggs you can say thank you to the International Group for manufacturing products that make your life easier and more convenient. To find out more about the extensive range of vegetable packaging South Africa’s International Group are the people to contact.