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Partnering with an Affordable Packaging Supplier

Packaging is an important part of the retail sector. Not only does packaging keep your products fresh and protected from outside elements, but it can also be used to promote your company when you brand your product. If you make use of cheap packaging, it will reflect negatively on your brand and product. Cheap packaging makes the product look cheap, which doesn’t inspire confidence in the consumer.

Using packaging as a way to promote your product is an effective strategy for branding your company. It is an opportunity to not only protect your products in transit from the warehouse to the retail stores, but it should be seen as a way for you to expand your market reach. Don’t waste this opportunity to carry over your marketing message to your consumers.

This reason alone should be enough to justify your investment in quality packaging. However, you can also keep your products safe from outside elements that will make it lose its freshness, or damage the product or expose it to harmful bacteria, all of which could lead to lost revenue. These are all important reasons why it is necessary for you to partner with affordable packaging suppliers that are experienced in providing adequate packaging solutions.

Affordable Packaging from International Group of Companies

For more than sixty years we have been supplying the South African people with affordable packaging solutions. We are one of the premier affordable packaging suppliers that continue to service the important manufacturing industry in South Africa. We are suppliers of packaging solutions for the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors of South Africa, and continue to lead the way in the industry.

Our packaging solutions include a wide range of materials in paper format, soft plastic, cardboard and a variety of other packaging solutions. Many supermarket chains make use of our long life stickers on their fruits and vegetables and our soft packaging solutions are popular among butchers. They make use of our range of plastic bags for treatment of their biltong, nuts and droëwors, to name a few.

Thanks to our commitment to being a one stop, comprehensive and affordable packaging supplier in South Africa, there is no need for you to go to different packaging suppliers for your packaging needs. We provide top of the line and packaging solutions that is sure to meet all your requirements and demands.

Fomo Packaging Solutions

One of our popular ranges of packaging solutions is our Fomo packaging products. We provide fomo trays and containers, seedling trays and fomo cups ranging from 125ml to 350ml. Our cardboard and paper packaging products include egg trays, cardboard cartons and boxes which all come in a variety of sizes. These are frequently used for vegetable and fruit packaging.

Our soft packaging solutions are available in plastic bags used for ice, mini grip, in butcheries, fruits and vegetables. Our plastic plant bags come in varieties starting from 1 to 18.8 litre and we also feature 250ml to 2 litre plastic bottles and lids. Our miscellaneous packaging materials also include tags and stickers, tape, staples and staplers, wrapping film, dispensers, crates, plastic rolls, pallet packaging and fastening equipment.

Our huge range of quality packaging solutions have been developed to solidify our position as one of the leading most affordable packaging suppliers in South Africa. We have worked hard to add value to our clients’ companies and industries.  For over sixty years we have been helping South Africa meet its packaging demands, and we are proud of our many industry achievements. Our products are of the best quality and we continue to lead the industry in innovation.

If you are looking for quality products from affordable packaging suppliers, contact International Group of Companies. We are one of the industry leaders and continue to lead the way in the industry. Our team of seasoned sales professionals will help you to make a fully informed decision as to which product will best suit your needs. If you would like to discuss the many options available to you, and learn more about our vast product range and how it can help meet your needs and add value to your company, then contact us today.