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Select The Appropriate Type Of Food Packaging

Many types of food packaging are available, depending on the type of food that has to be packed.  Knitted and woven bags are the typical food packaging for foodstuffs like fruit and vegetables.  Knitted vegetable pockets are knitted in a pillar stitch (using a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament) or filler stitch (using an HDPE flat tap) pattern and are available in many colours, including orange, yellow, green, white, purple, red, tangerine and mandarin.  The customer is free to specify the required courses per centimetre.  These bags are ordinarily offered in sizes ranging from two to 25 kg.

Food packaging like woven vegetable pockets are woven, not knitted, from virgin polypropylene tape or monofilament.  Similarly to the knitted pockets, its colour usually denotes a certain crop type.  Often, these woven bags are not offered in the smallest sizes, their sizes rather ranging from ten to 25 kg.  A different type of woven food packaging is the circular woven bag; this is also manufactured from virgin polypropylene, but it may also contain anti-UV additives to ensure a minimum life expectancy of three months.  A similarly large range of colours are offered but sizes are often measured in centimetres and may vary from a smallest size of 30 cm x 45 cm to 72 cm x 120 cm.

Cardboard and paper food packaging include egg trays and paper bags.  Potatoes are always packed in paper bags; this type of food packaging is preferable, because it prevents condensate from building up in the bag and protects the potatoes from light.  Fruit and vegetables are also often packed in cardboard food packaging like open-top or closed cardboard boxes.  Meat, ice and other vegetables may be packed in soft plastic bag food packaging, but these types of food packaging are usually very temporary and the contents should be removed once home lest it spoils.

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